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  • drahcir yarrum
    drahcir yarrum

    I can remember some tongue in cheek discussions in car groups about certain houses and certain locations we would like to inhabit after Armageddon. You remember, Sister Cantholdajob would point out a big ass home and basically claim it for after the Great Day of Jehovah's vengence.

    Well, I recently visited Singer Island, Florida and want you all to know, it's going to be all mine. NO TRESPASSERS and NO PEDDLERS. Also, NO JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES! I just want this on the record.

  • gumby

    and want you all to know, it's going to be all mine.

    But Apostates CANNOT be home owners in the New System. Besides......I heard the location you mentioned is going to be the New Bethel headquarters after Armageddon.

    You will be trampled in Jehovah's winepress like the rest of us and be served as Blue Nun at the Memorial.

  • avengers

    And don't forget about the birds who will attend the party.

  • LyinEyes

    Good Lord, no wonder little JW children are so traumatized and grow up to be adults with nightmares!!!!!!!!

    I mean repeated , meeting after meeting, of how the birds will eat the eyeballs of that wicked out, whom you are told by others, will be your dear old grannie laying there as birdfood.

    I never thought I would be too happy about owning a big house, land, tigers, bears, apples and oranges if my dear ole grannie wasnt good enough to be there.

  • drahcir yarrum
    drahcir yarrum


    You made a point that really got me thinking. You mentioned how as children we were taught that the birds would eat the eyes out of the "wicked"after Armageddon. And I started thinking about the JW definition of wicked as anyone who doesn't listen to JW's and believe what they say. It isn't predicated upon any dispicable atrocities or acts of unspoken evil, just simply not believing what JW's believe.

    And then I begin to see why JW children grow up so absurdly ignorant about proportionality. That there are degrees of bad behavior and that there is a lot of good in everyone. But NO, all non-JW's are "wicked". If I were a contortionist, I'd kick myself in the ass for believing all of that garbage.

  • gumby

    I'm 48 and when I was a liitle tike, our family study was out of the "Paradise Lost to Paradise Restored" book. Take a look at the pictures in that book if you want to see Jehovah in action at Armaggedon!

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    There are jws in this street that from the outset showed no respect for the property of others, and were considerate only to the totally non-religious neighbours. At the time I knew nothing of jws aside from thinking of them as 'unusual' christians, so I was flabbergasted at the whole thing, escpecially the behaviour.

    They smile and think nothing of having their children come into the yard, and perhaps, stir up the dog (that's the least of their deeds actually) if they feel like it - it's as if they consider others as shit, and their property is just theirs for the taking. It's suprising that no one has done something serious to them yet. Everyone else of course attempts to live peacefully - I wonder if they think that means that jehovah protects them or something.


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