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    I subscribe to the New York times online and I recieved this e-maila little while ago. I wouldn't mind having the issue that covered the sinking of the Titanic myself. Just thought some of you may also like to get little slice of history.

    Dear NYTimes.com member:

    For the first time, we're offering photo-quality reproductions of any New York Times front page from its 150-year history, dating back to Sept. 18, 1851. You can pick from over 50,000 days in history, as recorded by The Times. Imagine the possibilities:

    May 22, 1927: Lindbergh Crosses the Atlantic
    May 8, 1945: War in Europe Ends
    July 21, 1969: Men Walk on the Moon
    January 1, 2000: Millennium edition
    September 12, 2001: America Attacked

    These reproductions are a clever way to commemorate a significant day in anyone's life. Celebrate a birthday, a new birth, a retirement or rite of passage by giving a piece of history. New York Times front pages make intelligent, thoughtful gifts that provide context and inspire discussion.

    Secure online ordering is available. Click here to order .

    The New York Times has always recorded the changes that touch our lives, from the epochal to the personal. We hope you enjoy these historic front pages and, as always, thank you for your continued interest in NYTimes.com. Wa

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