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    Longo's attorney argues to suppress evidence

    Wednesday October 2, 2002

    By Andrew Kramer of the Associated Press

    NEWPORT, Ore. (AP) -- The FBI agent who accompanied Christian Longo from Mexico testified Wednesday that Longo confessed to killing his wife and three small children, and that Longo said he did it for religious reasons.

    Agent Daniel Clegg said he sat by Longo on the flight from Mexico, and that he asked Longo why he killed his family.

    Clegg said Longo first denied Clegg's suggestions that Longo had killed his family to cover up sexual abuse.

    "I asked him, Why did you do kill your wife and three young children?" Clegg testified.

    "His response was, your scenario (sexual abuse) could not be further from the truth," Clegg said. "He said, 'I sent them to a better place."'

    Clegg paused and the courtroom was silent for about seven seconds. Penny Dupuie, the sister of mother MaryJane Longo, sobbed quietly.

    The testimony provided the first clues to a motive for Longo since the discovery of the family's bodies around Christmastime last year.

    Longo was once a Jehovah's Witness, but was excluded from the church after he pleaded guilty to using his laptop computer to print counterfeit checks. His wife and children continued to attend the church.

    Earlier, Judge Robert Huckleberry had said he believed the defense argument that Longo's arrest in Mexico violated an international treaty may lack legal grounds.

    "The fact that you don't agree with the way things shook out doesn't mean ... that (it) was illegal," Huckleberry told Longo and his two lawyers.

    Longo's lead court-appointed attorney, Ken Hadley, argued Wednesday that his client would never have left Mexico voluntarily had he known it would expose him to the death penalty in Oregon.

    "He got conned into waving his rights in coming back to face the death penalty," Hadley said.

    Huckleberry's belief, however, may stymie the defense team's attempt remove the possibility of the death penalty for Longo before the trial begins.

    The defense has also filed a motion to suppress the confession Clegg gathered on the Continental Airlines flight from Cancun to Houston on Miranda grounds. Huckleberry has not ruled on that motion.

    Clegg asked Longo to sign a document advising him of his rights outside the airport in Cancun. At the time, Longo was still in Mexican custody.

    Longo fled to the Cancun area of Mexico around Christmas time last year after the body of 5-year-old Zachery Michael Longo was found floating in an ocean inlet near Waldport just before Christmas.

    His sister, 3-year-old Sadie Ann, was found three days later, cocooned inside a sleeping bag, a floral print pillow case containing a rock tied to her ankle.

    A few days later, the bodies of his wife, 34-year-old MaryJane, and their 2-year-old daughter Madison were found inside a suitcase in a Newport marina, and police began an international manhunt.

    As an attorney in a capital case, Hadley's main goal is to keep his client alive.

  • SixofNine

    I guessed this one. I'm sure alot of us did.

    F*** religion.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Thanks very much for posting this. It will be interesting to see how this trial works itself out.

  • gumby

    Longo was once a Jehovah's Witness, but was excluded from the church

    Another fatality from sad

    Do you think this would have happened were he not DFed.......but rather helped? Who knows

  • blondie

    Part 2

    Longo Pre-Trial Motions, Day 2

    Christian Longo has confessed to the murder of his wife and children an FBI agent says. But a jury may not hear details of the crime. The proceedings here at the Lincoln County courthouse have been tedious motions with little emotion in the court. That changed today with some literally breathtaking testimony.

    Christian Longo, pre-trial motions, Day 2:
    The FBI agent who accompanied the accused killer from Mexico onto a plane bound for Houston is on the stand and the case against Longo hangs on their in-flight conversation, "I asked him why did you kill your wife and three small children." The FBI agent says he suggested to Longo that the defendant was sexually abusing his children and killed them to cover that crime. "Nothing could be farther from the truth," Clegg quoted Longo to the court. "I asked him to tell me why then, "I sent them to a better place." Dead silence in the courtroom, a tear from Mary Jane Longo's sister. The agent said the defendant made a similar confession to a sheriff's deputy. Longo refused to say how he killed the victims or why he did not take his own life. "I interjected, it's because you're not right with Jehovah, he said that he wasn't"

    The defense wants to keep such testimony and witnesses away from a jury. "He got conned into coming back. Waving his rights, coming back to face the death penalty." Defense lawyers say officers should have left Longo alone after he refused to describe the murder method. The agent says he read Longo his Miranda Rights before they got on the plane and reminded him later. "A defendant may talk about some aspects of the case and not talk about others." But the sisters of Mary Jane Longo had heard enough. They're headed back home to Michigan, devastated they said with only the memories of Mary Jane and the children. And Christian Longo, their husband and father, is back in jail.

    The judge did not rule on suppression of evidence, the reported confession today. He set final arguments on motions October 18 and a change of venue hearing happens in December.

  • deddaisy
    "He got conned into coming back. Waving his rights, coming back to face the death penalty."

    OMG, I know that I'll lose sleep over this poor guy guy being conned...........

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