Happiness is achievable

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  • asensier

    Update - For those of you who read my last topic 'Disfellowshipped at 18' I am so thankful for all the support and helpful comments I received. It's amazing to know that despite how alone I may feel, so many of you have suffered the same way that I have. I know that I can live happily without being one of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    My blog is really coming together now. So for anyone interested in my story, please take a read.


    Again, if you are a Wordpress user, follow and reblog please. If not, I really appreciate your support in reading anyway.

    Thank you all x

  • KateWild

    Very well written, I enjoyed reading it. Keep posting and reading here it is therapeutic and you will get a lot of support and understanding.

    Kate xx

  • asensier
    Thank you so much x
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Asensier - you are now part of a better "worldwide brotherhood", one which does not demand your obedience, and one which knows the truth about "the truth!"

    Welcome to life outside of the J.W. gulag.

  • cleanideas
    I'm so happy that you have found freedom, and at such a young age. You're going to have a great life ahead of you!
  • disillusioned 2
    disillusioned 2

    Asensier read your blog, you are very brave. Although meeting someone who you had never met before wasn't really the right thing to do. Fortunately for you he was who he said he was.

    I am glad that his family have been so supportive to you. It is very sad that you have had to do what you did and leave your family, knowing that they would not speak to you again.

    I hope that your future will be bright and that you will have a happy life and hopefully your family will come round. There is always hope.

    Dis2 xx

  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    Wow. You're so much braver and more coherent and together and courageous than I was at your age, probably more than I am even now..!

    Well done for making your mind up at such a young age, the rest of your life is ahead of you now, and its yours to do with as you please. It took me forty years to realise this. Good for you!

  • ToesUp
    So glad you escaped early. Enjoy the rest of your life!!!
  • LisaRose
    I will read your blog when I get a minute, glad you are doing well.
  • Vidiot

    asenseir - "Happiness is achievable..."

    And what's more, it's OK to achieve it.

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