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    not interested

    today i started a new job remodeling a old lake cabin, in the walls i found a gold coin, dated1877-1881, on the "heads side there is a profile of Rutherford B. Hayes, surrounding the top of the coin it says, 19th president,USA, and on the bottom it has Rutherford B Hayes. Around the coin on the "tails" side, it says "He serves his party best who serves his country best, an ther is a inscription in the center that says," brigider General in civil war, congress man,govenor of ohio, defeted Tilden for the presedency by one electoral vote.

    this house i was working on is a very old house, so im wondering if this is a valulable coin, or not ive looked at a few web sites and cant find anything, Does any one have any ideas or knowledge of where i can look,



  • WildHorses

    Not, if there is an e-mail on any of the sites you found. E-mail them and they will let you know. Somewhere here I have two coins from the late 1800's but I never got around to finding out the value of them.

  • Jourles

    Being the amatuer numismatist, I think I may know what you have there. You refer to the color as "gold." Is the coin a bright golden color, or does it show any coloration tending towards a dark copper color? The reason I ask is, this particular medal was made for Hayes after he won the presidential race. The die was designed by a man named George Morgan. Morgan was also the creator of the more famous Morgan dollar. You should see Morgans name on the medal also. The US Mint made copies of these medals later on and made them from brass which would give them a gold color, the "golden color" which you may be thinking of it as being. The originals were made from copper. I think you can still order these copies from the Mint. I would have to root through my catalogs to see how much they are selling for these days. But the medal is not made of gold in case you were wondering, sorry......

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