Adele will be making a post tomorrow

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  • Celtic

    Adele has now seen much of the goings on pertaining to the situation that has unravelled this past week or so and would like to make a comment regarding all of this. That's all there is to say for the present.

    Mark Price (CAN) UK

  • Simon


    Sorry for the lack of 'understanding' shown here recently.

  • LyinEyes

    I am sorry to hear she is upset by the things said here. I have to think that most people who posted had her best interest at heart, and deep sorrow for her loss. I have to admit, I havent read all that was said , but I for one, and I know many others, truly do care about this young woman taking her own life and for the true family that loved her.

    I can say I was on the same end as Adele , all the talk and speculation and gossip. As I posted in one of Celtics first thread about this, I made the mention of how the media will report even half truths about something , as they did in my mom's suicide. It hurt, because it left the real story out , I at the time didnt even know the full story, I was in shock. Maybe in time Adele can tell the true story of what happened, if and when she is ready. If I could go back and know what I do now, I would tell of how distraughtmy mom was over being alone, thrown out by my father and her religion and how twisted that religion is. I would have done it out of honor to her and to maybe shed some light on how shunning effects a person. It is bad enough for your so called brothers and sister in the faith , will leave you when you are at your lowest, but your very own family is even worse.

    I am not saying this is how Adele feels, I can not speculate the loss of a daughter. I can only imagine outrage and wanting revenge. That is just me.

    I hope Adele will see that many of us here , were heartbroken and didnt know what words to say to comfort her. Like I said , I was in that position years ago, and mostly no one even said a word to me. No comfort , no understanding , no caring at all.

    What that would have done for me, when my mom was no longer there , for even strangers to say how sad they were for me, but there was none. No flowers, no calls, no visits from the JW's .

    I just wanted Adele to know that even thou I don't know her or her daughter, my heart goes out to her and I wish comfort , even when it seems to be far away and will never come.

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