One 4 all Aussies + the AJWRB people...

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  • TheApostleAK

    Just told by a current Jehovahs Witness on the phone last night that another JW woman in Australia recently (within the last month or so) refused a blood transfusion and died...I got no more details than that...

    He also mentioned that Canadian JW girl who refused a transfusion, the Phillipines beheadings, Georgia beatings AND THE SUNDAY PROGRAM!!!

    His response on all this was (something like) "They're all just (another!) attacks on Jehovah's true earthly servants by Satan...Just another sign that we are deep in the last days..."

    I'll be posting more on this enlightening four and a half hour phone call (10pm Monday night to 2.30am this morning) with one of my old JW buddies within the next few prepared for some howlers from this JW...


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