1993 AWAKE on Child Abuse

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  • The_Doctor10

    10/8/93 Awake article about child abuse misconceptions, checkout the second misconception: Children fantasize or lie about abuse.

    This article notes how it's extremely unlikely that children lie in cases of abuse (95% in some estimates are truthful) and how even among the ones who lie it's usually when they make a claim (in truth) but then subsequently lie and say it didn't happen, when in actuality, it did.

    Given this knowledge, why the two witness rule? 95% odds that the child who claims abuse is telling the truth by the Awakes own admission, that should be more than enough to change policies of the WTS.


  • StarTrekAngel
  • The_Doctor10
    Anything other than a complete policy change in how to handle accusations of child abuse as well as the reporting to the congregation about known child abusers/molesters within the halls, would be saddistic and an utter disservice to the congregations.
  • freddo

    For balance I believe they tell the truth in the vast majority of cases.

    However I can think of at least two cases I knew of where the child had been put up to the lies (one by by a jw mother trying to get a divorce on "scriptural" terms and another non jw divorce case where the mother tried to threaten this to get a better financial settlement.)

    Before I get an onslaught I firmly believe that the vast majority of cases are true and that whatever they should always be put to the authorities (social services/police/medical professionals) for handling.

  • never a jw
    never a jw
    Very good find. I know there's another watchtower that assert the opposite. This other Watchtower is the one that change my views on the WT and child abuse. The highlight of this other watchtower essentially is that the abused should forgive the abuser, kiss, hug and forget about the whole thing.
  • Watchtower-Free
  • clarity

    The highlight of this other watchtower essentially is that the abused should forgive the abuser, kiss, hug and forget about the whole thing.

    Neverajw...that is the one I remember too! Trying to remember the year.... early 2002, 2003?

  • Vidiot

    Viewing a crime as though it's merely a sin...

    ...probably the dumbest thing they've ever done.

  • tim3l0rd

    The problem is not "the two witness rule". The problem is that they view it as a sin instead of as a crime. It is rape of a child. The problem is that they don't report it as a crime or encourage the parents to do so. They don't need a 2nd witness to do that. Who cares if the guy is df'd or not? Who cares if he ends up on a secret list up in NY? They'll never give up the 2 witness rule as they hold the bible as their highest power above any common sense.

    If they would report every instance of child abuse, then the abusers would be properly investigated and the abused could get actual help by those trained for such problems. They would also get their "2nd witness" in many cases as prior letters to the boe state that the physical evidence can be the 2nd witness. More abusers would be df'd. But honestly I would rather that the abusers be turned in to the authorities so that they could be put on the national sexual predator list. I'd prefer that over the abuser being df'd. Then parents could easily check the list to see if any in their congregation were on that list.

    The media and most here are attacking the wrong policy. Instead of attacking the "two witness" policy, attack the "call the legal department first" policy. Attack the "we report where required" policy. Those policies need to change. Then the "two witness" rule would have very little impact on the outcome of child abuse cases.

  • Cadellin

    Interesting that the articles are available on jw.org. The "do nothing" message comes through loud and clear. There is nothing said about making sure the abuser is removed from the child's proximity or that steps should be taken to make sure the predator doesn't keep doing it to someone else. As far as reporting it to the police, this is all that is said:

    Some legal experts advise reporting the abuse to the authorities as soon as possible. In some lands the legal system may require this. But in other places the legal system may offer little hope of successful prosecution.

    A JW will read this and understand it as saying "You can't expect Satan's system to do anything about it so don't bother." In the accompanying article about abuse in the family, there was absolutely nothing about removing the child from the abusive parent's reach. Instead, the advice is for everyone to read the OT prohibitions on incest in the family!

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