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  • wonderwoman77

    Well as some of you may know I have been in Tennessee doing an internship, but actually live in Indianapolis on the south side where all the tornados hit. They hit my apt complex really bad. The front buidlings lost the roofs and walls and just about everything. I lived in a back building where less damage was done. We have a roof, but there was broken windows and debris scattered in the apartment and enough structural damage to leave me looking for a new home. It is so overwhelming. It looks like a war zone. On one road there is 15 big electric poles torn out of the ground and 30 little ones, and that is in a 50 ft stretch, it is absolutly humbling. A pier one is nothing but twisted metal and wood, I watched them pull a car off a fence. It is so crazy, I cannot even describe what all it makes me feel I am so happy to be alive, no one died at all in the storms... There was a line of damage throughout indianapolis. It is just so crazy... I cannot put what it is like or how it feels in words. I just ask that you keep me and others in your thoughts as I look to move my stuff and others look to rebuild.... This makes us realize what is important in life... I am just so overwhelmed with it all. Tomorrow they are not letting anyone into the complex and tuesday we might be able to start moving out. They are prolly going to bulldoze our complex, all the buildings had enough damage to be condemned. The houses behind us where there use to be a fence, the fence is gone and the trees are all twisted and look cut in half. It is just so very humbling that all you have can be taken away in matters of seconds, and your family and friends are what is so so important....


    oh my GOSH and my thing with my frigin diabetic blisters is superceded by this TORNADO YOU HAVE EXPERIENCED BIG TIME...My heart and empathy goes out to you...WE live in CALIFORNIA land of the EARTHQUAKES -- my DAD NOW decd was from KANSAS and he said he would rather experience a quake than a tornado any day !!! (((((((hugs)))))))) QUEENIE

  • little witch
    little witch

    Glad your ok, WW.

    I live close to Ellettsville, also hit hard. Thirty homes were totally destroyed, and a hundred damaged, half of those are ''not structurally sound''.

    On a good note, no serious injuries, and no fatalities, a miricle considering the damage.

  • Sentinel

    Oh My Gosh, Wonderwoman and Little Witch, I'm so glad that neither of you or your loved ones were physically hurt! I've been through hurricanes, but not a tornado. I've watched some of those twister movies on TV, and the way those things move around, bouncing from here to there, is a maricle that anyone survives. One would definitely have to "know" exactly what to do and where to go "immediately" if there was any indication. With families being in different places, that would be so frightening. Children in school, parents at their separate jobs.

    I guess Virginia is a pretty safe place to live, weatherwise. Not so safe though as regards terrorists. Queenie, I wouldn't like to live in the land of earthquakes either. But, then CA is a long state, and some areas are probably worse than others. With the population there, people don't seem to mind living on a fault. Go figure.



  • IronGland

    I dont live near trailers so I never see them.

  • heathen

    ww - sorry to hear about that . We have plenty tornados here in texas .We live only 2 miles from where the tornado that destroyed part of downtown ft worth a couple years ago and man I was just sweatting it out as the storm passed on by.

  • wonderwoman77

    Thank you for those who provided support. As for Iron Gland...keep your smart comments to yourself,

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