People should learn more about the Bible flaws

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  • Finkelstein

    This non acceptance by the Hebrews of Christ always bothered me.

    After all the miracles Jesus preformed and speeches he made as the promised Messiah, the Hebrews rejected him as such ?

  • LorenzoSmithXVII
    opusdei19724 hours ago
    Village: thank you sharing your list. I want to comment this
    "Jesus curses entire towns for not being impressed by his miracles "
    This may prove that Lazarus was never resurrected by Jesus, because no one was impressed by him, and the first three Gospels ignored it.

    Interesting theory. But it works just as well from the other side of those miracles. That is, Jesus was becoming extremely popular and influential and because of his miracles, they wanted to make him a king, which he refused. He threatened the people in power and so they devised to have him killed because he became a political threat.

    So it is not about not being convinced by the miracles, it is about being politically threatened by the miracles and the following Jesus was accumulating. Thus keep in mind that it was primarily the Jewish leaders and the prominent ones who were threatened by Jesus and wanted him to either become their king or go away. The common folk were very much impressed with him.

  • Finkelstein

    He threatened the people in power and so they devised to have him killed because he became a political threat.

    His following had become a slight diversion against the Roman pagan gods of worship but who was at the court when he was brought before Pontius Pilate ?

    So you really think the leading Hebrews at the time would attempt or aspire to have god's only son sent from heaven killed ?

    Why did the Jews claim that Jesus was not the prophesied Messiah ?

    I dont know about you but if saw a man raise someone from the grave, I'd say he was something special.

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    I will respond to the original topic:

    That is my goal. I respect the bible and actually love the texts.. but as a secularist... People need to know why it says what it does.

  • megaboy

    The flood was not global, it was local. No one prior to the last 2000 years would have believed that it was global, in fact, some of the wicked any giants made it to the other side by climbing to higher mountains. It was a translation issue.

  • CalebInFloroda

    Megaboy does have academia behind him and his comments on the flood.

    The best philology on the Noah narrative goes like this: a real man known as Noah, did save himself and his household and animals from a tragic but localized flood in the Mesopatamian basin, one that may have been extremely tragic to the surrounding communities. His survival therefore was likely attributed to divine providence as most cultures of the time would have done. End of original story.

    Jump into the future at the time of the Babylonian captivity. Among other things Jews are appalled to discover from witnessing heathen worship is their own story of Noah turned into a horrendous tale explaining the superiority and non mercy of Babylonian gods. When Babylon falls, the Jews incorporate these details into the Noah narrative to tease the Babylonians because their gods proved failures. The heathen version is altered into a lesson that the G-d of Abraham and Sarah is not one that wants to flood the world with water like the heathen gods. The G-d of the Jews is one that redeems humankind and creation from tragedy, even promises not to allow such tragedy to repeat in the future.

    The above is very simplified, you understand, but the theory does match what records this Mesopatamian flood infultrated and how critical analysis sees a pattern that allowed it to grow into legendary status among many cultures.

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