Just a short observation on self inflicted misery.

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  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    One of the COs "encouraged" all the congs in our circuit to buy tents and displays to take advantage of this Walmart policy a couple of times each year. They can have a stand, but can't approach customers.

    Locally, there were zero results, usually no conversations. Didn't hear anything positive from others, either. But the CO got to crow about it in his report to the branch.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Hi, Steve! Remember this is the US, where you can successfully sue Mc Donalds for serving their coffee too hot! LOL

    I wasn't suggesting anyone actually sue Walmart, but maybe a reminder to management of a possible liability might move them to supply umbrellas to the elderly JWs baking in the sun.

  • steve2

    Or - dare I say it - concerned passersby offering the elderly couple a large sun-shade umbrella with its own stand?

    That would be a loving and kind gesture that would nicely flummox the couple because they most likely would not expect non-witnesses to be so kind.

    Now that's what I'd call creative and effective thinking. Unexpected kindness ina world too ready to complain!

  • GrreatTeacher
    I think that's actually a great idea.
  • oppostate
    But that's got little to do with whether or not JWs should be there in the first place trying to sell their wares.

    Bo!!ocks Steve, and you know it.

    If the ambulance had to come to Walmart's in a small town it would be talked about, it would give bad PR to Walmart and the Witnesses.

    If you were to bring them an umbrella to keep the sun out, they'd brag later how God provided for them.

    I'd do like I said, bring them a couple of cold waters from Walmart and tell them I was concerned about them in the heat and how it would give a bad name to Jehovah if they were to suffer sunstroke or faint. And I'd still complain to the Manager about the risk of having an ambulance speeding with full siren blaring through her parking lot.

  • Human Being
    Human Being
    Steve2. Are you for real complaining about them going about their lawful work? They didn't accost you, did they? As innocent as they appear their lawful work, as you put it, has the potential to cause much harm to any individual, and their families, including future family members. No birthdays, or Christmas, or any other holiday's for children. The constant worry about pleasing Jehovah, dying at Armageddon, shunning, the inability to totally function in the real world. Lack of education, or a good job with hope for a better life in the future. Yes, i find them dangerous. Both to others and themselves. It's sad for them to be outside the Wall Mart, and dangerous for others who might get sucked into their twisted world. The Watchtower does not change lives for the better. It just makes normal people part of the machine. Don't try to defend them.
  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    That store policy about having to allow religious literature at their door is probably pretty new. After the ruckus about the greeter being fired for wishing a blessed day on everyone, they are bending backwards to show support for religious activity. Which may backfire on the store after all the churches discover how welcome they are to stand around the Walmart entrance.

    I wonder how many sects, cults, denominations and political activists will impede the would-be shoppers who will then stay away in droves.


  • WTWizard

    One more reason not to shop Crap Mart. Never mind that the jokehovian witlesses are peddling damnation to people. There should be rules--if I was in charge, I would make a rule that, if it is dangerously hot, they need shade or to be out near the edge of the parking lot where it is cooler and windier. (Or both.) Any hotter than 32 C with the sun blazing down on blacktop is dangerous.

    If they do not create such safety rules for peddlers, that is one more reason not to shop there. If they do not care for safety out in the parking lot, do they care about other safety issues? Such as getting robbed in the parking lot? Getting hurt on slippery floors? Getting hurt or sick because of the cheap crap they sell? Go online, find vendors that sell more expensive and better quality merchandise of the type you are seeking. You will pay more upfront, but in the end you will save money on replacement. And do not donate any of that money to the washtowel--perhaps buying a silver dime will be better. Or an ice cream cone for the children, especially if it is that hot.

  • konceptual99

    Witnesses are an irrelevance to most people. Those of us here will have our opinions about the relative dangers of being inside the organisation but to the overwhelming majority of people who have no links to Witnesses then door knocking and carts mean zero, absolutely nothing.

    Laws that give us all freedoms in the West also allow JWs to go about their business. Ensuring the facts, advice and experiences of those who have escaped from the organisation are as widely available as possible is the best way of helping ones that may be curious.

    Let them do their carts and their public ministry. Who really cares? Virtually no one. Far better, IMHO, to try and find ways of getting those that are in to engage with sites and information that will make them question their beliefs.

  • SnakesInTheTower

    This is such a non-issue. JWs are nothing more than wallpaper in the background, rarely seen or noticed. At best, the rare pushy dub is a mere annoyance. How we deal with them says more about us than it says about them. Kindness is always the high road, not always easy.


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