INTERVIEW: with an Elder

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  • Oubliette

    clarity: jws really do believe they know it all

    One more false belief they have!

  • galaxie
    Another few minutes there would have been no ambiguity from the jw, he would have to eventually show his true colors and defend the gb ( and cohorts ) and organization. Whatever jesus is given credit for would be on the back burner !! It's pitiful there minds are so ensnared.
  • Finkelstein

    Nice interview Terry , I noticed how he abruptly stopped the interview when you compared the silence cover up by the Catholics to that of the JWS. The ever forlorn pretentiousness of righteousness structured in the image in Churches as well Kingdom Halls, does result in people exploiting that environment or maybe its the acceptance of sin and the prevailing forgiveness that incites people to carry through in their behavior.

    I dont know how many times I've heard a JWS say after acknowledging someones damaging or hurtful behavior

    " Well its Satan's system of things in this old world " deflecting responsibility from the individual person.

    No wonder so many JWS end up with bi-polar personality disorder, they cant figure out who is making them do what, is it Satan or Jah ???

  • _Morpheus
    Lol no it wasnt fair at all. The poor elder thought he was going to sit down and spout the company line for someone unframiler with the reality of the company instead he was speaking with someone well versed in the companies policies and practices. It turned into a very fair discussion, unfortunately for the cult middle manager.
  • The_Doctor10

    lol Awesome interview! That's the deal, JWs have their beliefs but no real way of rationalizing them when pressed for hard answers. Present them with logical fallacies within their beliefs and they have to come up with bull$#!@ on the spot in retort or simply say, "I'll have to do research," and come back to you with the bull$#!@ they find or not return at all when they can't find an answer from their precious GB.

    You see the same in Islam, believers will profess Islam as a religion of peace, but when pressed and specifically questioned on whether or not they would personally be in support of Sharia Law or a Caliphate being established, along with the stoning of adulterers, death penalty for homosexuals, genital mutilation of young girls, etc... they struggle to answer and then just try to dodge.

    The majority of religions have no correlation with basic Human Rights, they're incompatible.

    I would say the same for JWs, they profess to be peaceful and while individually you can have very pleasant conversations with them, as I'm sure you could with a majority of those of Islamic belief, however, their claims of being 'religions of peace,' are really misleading statements due to what they believe will happen to those not of their faith.

    What I gather is, they're religions of peace only IF you're of the ones believing them, IF all the people believed as you do there'd be peace, thus my religion is one of peace. If you're of another faith, if you're a non-believer, or if you break the rules I adhere to, my religion will not be very peaceful for YOU. The only difference is the most extreme carry this judgement out themselves while JWs are just waiting on Jehovah to carry out his wrath and "justice."

    It's the whole in/out group mentality for JWs as well as many other religions, their worldviews are completely skewed by their beliefs.

  • joe134cd
    You sneaky, evil little apostate you. Hehe. Goes to show when the hard questions start getting asked the really have no answer. It all comes tumbling down quicker than a house of cards. Hey I'm just curious from another thread of yours but what happened to that young disfellowshipped witness you also meet at the coffee shop. The one that was trying to get reinstated. Your gaining a bit of a reputation my friend, as they will soon be putting out a red alert on the guy at the coffee shop with his computer.
  • Vidiot

    Great Teacher - "Interesting that he really didn't know what diversity even meant."


    Didn't surprise me at all.


    What I wouldn't give to see GB members on the stand, televised, and facing the "hard questions".

  • joe134cd

    I wonder if this elder was aware of the pedophile problem they have got. Hopefully when he sees the latest rant by ToMo3 he may start connecting the dots.

    I got a very similar response to you when I made enquiries with a local Chilean witness about flags been flown out side KH. The reply I first got was go to the Web sight. When I said i couldn't find anything specifically related to it. I then showed him the letter from the chilean branch regarding it. 24 hours later I was blocked from his face book. Although I found it interesting it was also unsurprising.

  • Clambake

    In the first century when Jerusalem was sacked , any kind of centralized authority was destroyed yet the apostles kept on preaching. Today when you look at the church ( the entire body of Christ ) , the differences between dominations is really quite minor yet they keep preaching the same message. I think that is kind of interesting.

    Jehovah Witness on the other hand get this copy and paste crap every week that is so twisted and ever changing yet because we all teach the same thing we are the only true Christians ? Fook that. An elder bragged to me about how we do this job without getting paid and I was like “ No offence, a monkey could do your job , You don’t have to prepare a sermon or a bible study, it all laid out of for, even the answers in the bible study“. He wasn’t impressed.

    Point B. Where the hell does it say in the bible that seven magical men telling us what to do was god’s plan for humanity ? Where is this arrangement ?

  • ShirleyW

    Funny how the only true religion on earth has the same response when they are asked something that they cant answer, RUN!!!

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