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  • Maxee

    Am I a member of a cult?
    I found this quiz try it and let me know [url] http://www.omnimag.com/archives/mind_brain/cult/index.html[/url]

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  • waiting

    Hey, Maxee,

    Tried your quiz - very interesting.

    The most interesting is the quote by Donna -----,
    which was saying that the persons who think they could never be indoctrinated into a cult because they are independent, and grounded, thinkers are the most likely candidates for cult indoctrination. Or something like that.

    I think, like me, some JWs felt quite secure in their thinking abilities. We were almost smug in our awareness that we were right, and all others were wrong - and we could prove it from the Bible - unlike those poor smucks.

    So whose the poor smuck now?

  • SolidSender

    Waiting, so where would you rather be? where you were then or where you are now? The way I see it is at least I'm out the other side and more or less still in one piece.

  • waiting

    Hello, SolidSender,

    Good to meet you. I would like to be in Hawaii, on the ocean. I was in the Midwest, and am currently in the hotter than Hell South.

    And where would you like to be, where did you come from, and where are you now?

    So many quizical questions!

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