July Broadcast Denies That JW Children Die Rather Than Have Medical Care

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  • Hold Me-Thrill Me
    Hold Me-Thrill Me

    Morris uses a politician's double-speak.

    He is a forked tongue liar just as his real "father" is.

    He speaks publicly what Jaracz thought privately because Jaracz was not as stupid as Morris is.

    Morris has to go. Just looking at him brings revulsion.

    Haughtiness is written all over his face. In his recent life story he was sure to mention that the brother who studied with him was of the anointed and from Russell's generation. This was of course to solidify his place on the overlapping generation teaching.

    Problem is many of us in the 50's and 60's were taught by anointed members of Russell's generation so that's no big deal. But for Morris every opportunity to add a higher heel to his shoe is important.

  • freemindfade
    Saw this one coming when they said the same thing in one of the RC videos, one of the youth ones, they straight up said "Nooooooo we don't let our kids die because of blood transfusion" I was honestly shocked then, so this is less shocking to me now, but nonetheless repulsive
  • azor
    Sure their not responsible. Charles Manson did not kill a soul with his hands either. With their logic Manson wouldn't be in jail but free and praiseworthy. Fuqing bastards.
  • ScenicViewer

    ...lies are circulated that they let children die rather than have medical care . .....

    Further he says it is "up to the parents to determine what would be the best treatment for their children"

    I am beginning to wonder if the entire Governing Body has two brain cells to rub together. They say such idiotic things these days that almost any Witness can detect the flaws and see through their obvious lies.

    It's up to parents to decide the best medical treatment for their children? No need for Doctors then I guess.

    The GB likes to talk about attacks from Satan's world and from apostates, but seriously, they are their own worst enemy. They are crippling their own religion.

    Three cheers for Tony Morris!!!


    Anthony Morris 3rd delivered the broadcast this month and advised that lies are circulated that they let children die rather than have medical care . He says this is so inaccurate as to be a boldfaced lie .....Blues Brother

    How Many Of You JWs/exJWs Have Been Hunted Down By WBT$ JW Elders..

    To Make Sure You Had Your WBT$ "NO BLOOD" Card and It Was Signed?..

    Image result for jehovah witnesses no blood card


    ......WBT$ Hospital Liaison Committee..


    Image result for hospital liaison committee for jehovah's witnesses


    ...Jehovahs Witnesses Are Free To Do..

    Exactly What the WBT$ Tells Them To Do..

    .....Image result for Watchtower obey

  • never a jw
    never a jw


    They do lie from time to time. Of all their deceptions, possibly a very tiny portion are lies, but they do lie every now and then. Overall you are right, the lion's share of their cheating is carefully crafted deceptions that border on lies, but in the strict sense of the word are not lies.

  • steve2

    Virtually every corporation on the face of this earth has a PR department whose job is "Impression Management". People who work in these departments are colloquially called "Spin Doctors". They craft answers that evade directly lying about an issue - but that is virtually what they are doing because their answers often create false impressions. Yet, if tested in court, they would be found "Not guilty" of actually lying. Technicalities count for everything.

    Suffice to say that the GBs comments pass through several hands before they are "released" on jw.org. There ain't no freshly culled meat here, babe! Those ain't maggots - those are smiles of approval.

    The JW organization is no different from other organizations, secular, religious and governmental, who are engaged in the serious business of Impression Management.

  • Finkelstein

    That is what he seems to be saying but somehow I don't think that is what he meant...

    He used an obscure accusation that JW parents refuse to give proper medical care to their children when needed.

    This guy is well versed student of double speak or propagator of half truths. ( ie. Spiritual Warfare )

    What his intent is is to avoid addressing the real accusation of JW parents refusing a blood transfusion on behalf of their children, that did result in the deaths of their own children.

    Like I said before AM is now the leading lying propagandist for the WTS.

    Here is an verified example of JW parents making vital medical decisions for their children.

    All of these children are dead and never got to live a full life by virtue of the WTS's own stupidly devised No Blood transfusion doctrine. Thousands of people have died needlessly because of the deviously corrupt men running the WTS.

  • flipper

    NEVER A JW- " They do lie from time to time " . " they do lie every now and then ".

    Come on- be serious- the WT leaders lie CONSTANTLY - ALL THE TIME. There is no " paradise ", there is no " Armageddon ", there ARE JW children and adults who die due to the WT Society's no blood transfusion policy, WT Society DOES cover up child abuse and protects child molesters in spite of their claims that they protect children. I mean- what, if ANY part of this WT or JW organization is NOT all lies ? It's all bullshit. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Finkelstein

    Flipper is right, the WTS is a consortium of expressed lies and misleading information , devised intensionally to lure people to the organization where they can be indoctrinated ( Brainwashed ) with more lies and deceptions, held in a frame work of fear and coercion.

    What fools people to believe in these lies is that they are presented with a tone of sincerity and loving concern.

    and a nice dressy suit with a smile.

    Those GB and elders are so loving aren't they ? it shows

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