Anthony Morris III goes on an eight minute rant over child abuse

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  • flipper

    This is nothing but BS damage control by Morris as ordered by the WT legal department most probably. The Caleb " fictitious monster " child abuse video is nothing but damage control as well. I mean WHY call a potential child molester a " fictitious monster " - why not just call this person what he is in the video - a child molester ? I swear to god- it's like Morris and these videos treat these cult mind controlled JW's like they are BABIES still sucking their mommies ninnies !

    I mean come on ! If you GB members are going to treat each and every JW like babies, hand out pacifiers as they enter the district convention grounds for Christ's sakes ! All this is - is a criminal organization trying to cover it's own legal ass by claiming they had a " landmark " article in the Awake back in 1982 so therefore as Morris said, " we have been actively making people aware of the dangers " for all those years. Yeah, right. While on the other side of the coin you've been actively concealing and hiding child abuse happening towards minor children all these years.

    This REALLY motivates me to go out and talk to more of the JW cart people in my little town with my WT child abuse Candace Conti news printouts. Morris is a bold faced liar. And he knows it. You can see it on his face. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy


    Yes, I agree with you.


    Well, there are CofE Ecclesiastical Courts, Sharia Courts, etc., and I believe that some other cultish groups have 'Oversight Committees' and the like to enforce their rules. I suspect that there are similar issues within other religions, where matters are suppressed to make the religion appear clean. Amish, probably and almost certainly some Muslim communities who take things even further with ;honour killings'. But JWs choose to operate in the wider (particularly Western) world.

    I didn't AFAIK deal with any abuse cases involving JWs (but I didn't know much about them then). I can, however, say that if I came across any person who had hindered or otherwise sought to stop a victim reporting abuse I would have arrested that person on suspicion of attempting to pervert the course of justice. Whether they were later charged or not, I found that being arrested tended to make people consider their position.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I hope AM#3 gets his day in court like Loesch did but instead fell on his face almost at the finish line, when it came his time to give a Witness. Maybe AM#3 might be the next candidate since he is the most vocal GB on record to speak to the public about this issue and stated denial of any blame but instead gave it high honors and a big high 5 as far as being concerned with child safety.

    I'm betting Zalkin is probably setting his sights on this dude in some future subpoena to show the courts the level of denial these delusional prophets to the world are in and thus get an higher dollar amount in any one of his many lawsuits he has against this cultic corporation.

    I'm betting that AM#3 is in such a state of denial that he is going against what legal is telling him and speaking publicly anyway and so legal scrambled up something right away to at least limit this maniac's damage.

    I think AM#3 has totally lost it for speaking out like this with so many lawsuits pending and this broadcast will bite him in the ass big time right there in his Ivory Tower/GB domicile. The only people AM#3 can convince are his brain dead true blue followers, but in a court of law he's a total flop of bull shit. And since he has gone all public with his BS he will not be able to dodge the subpoena bullet when it's fired at him. He's a paranoid ego maniac with a Satanophobia, he will become a world wide idiot now that he's gone public. Yeah! Let him shoot his bull shit more and more because the world has got to see what a creepy dumb son of a bitch this AM#3 really is. I'm thinking more and more we are in for a mass withdrawal of support for the criminal Watchtower Corporation as this plays itself out in the near future.

  • misguided

    I couldn't help but think about that PSA from 2002 that AMIII presents. I can't remember the exact years that the WTS was affiliated with the UN as an NGO, but I think this may have been produced around the time they were. If I remember correctly, wasn't there some criteria the WTS needed to meet in order to keep their status as an NGO? Possibly this PSA was part of their meeting that criteria?

    In viewing the's 'Protect Your Children' video, what stood out in my mind was that they used the wording, "the WORLD can be a scary place." Kind of misleading if the perpetrator is "an adult you know and trust" that is a not a part of the WORLD by JW definition, but a member of the congregation.

  • ScenicViewer

    From par 3, lines 1 and 5 of the transcription,

    (Line 1): numerality (?)

    (Line 5): "The Numerality"

    I believe he was saying "new morality."

    Morris is a terrible speaker. It's often very difficult to understand his words, in addition to the fact that he sometimes drops a sentence in mid-thought.

  • 4thgen

    Some phrases that were attention grabbers:

    “…OTHERS knew of the problem (abuse) and covered it up” He was trying to distance the organization from their cover-ups. Hypocrite!

    “….the plague of the new morality and the abuse of children.” B.S. It’s not part of the new morality; pedophilia has been around for centuries!

    it is clear that over the decades protecting children from abuse is a top priority for THIS organization. We are proud of our reputation in this regard.” OMG, Top priority? Yeah top priority to cover it up! Proud of their reputation…what is he smoking?

    Then at the very end, they segued smoothly from child abuse into the evils of having a worldly career. If you listen carefully, you will note that they correlated the two things of equal measure. Child abuse and choosing a career.

    It is sickening!

    As for body language, did you notice he kept shrugging? It was quick, but he did it numerous times. Is he maybe trying to 'shrug' off all the accusations?

  • steve2

    Joe Grundy wrote: I know that people hate this rule, but are they really supposed to act on every accusation without any evidence? I'm all for them going straight to the authorities and letting people with actual experience and investigative tools (the police) make determinations based on what they gather, but I just don't see how they can go from accusation to df'ing automatically in the congregation.

    Joe's opening line is fraught with poor logic. Who said the alternative to the two-witness rule is to act on every accusation? Talk about a false choice. And the phrase "I know people hate this rule" damns with faint praise.

    Let's get this straight: I hate the Two-Witness rule not because of the false choice outlined in that sentence but because it is an archaic leftover from the Mosaic Law Code that has been arbitrarily imposed on a modern-day setting all in the name of (the organization's) reputation.

    Objections to the two-witness rule have nothing to do with going to the police/not going to the police or the complexity of issues that surround Child Sexual Abuse.

    Arguments about how elusive evidence is in instances of child sexual abuse are an entirely separate issue.

    Parents and/or court-sanctioned caregivers need to be supported by their respective communities to act decisively for the child's safety - which is paramount; they do not to be confronted by the elders with the requirement that two witnesses are needed before anything will be done.

    Depending on the circumstances, the approrpiate action may involve different steps - but the parents and/or caregivers need to decide untrammeled by the powers that be in the local kingdom hall.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I hope they keep making more videos about children especially those that manifest the phobia's they implant in these young ones because these guys are hanging themselves for the world to see. I'm sure these videos might even wind up in court someday to testify about the unhealthy content this corporation is feeding these kids for it's own profit$$$$.

    Sparlock the wizard toy we love you! Please more Sparlock phobia sequels! Will he come back from the trash can and back into that little boy Calebs life? Or will it be my mommy made sure he was dead and so she burnt him.

    O and lets not forget the Governing Body's inspired video that gives a dire warning to deaf people that they should not fondle their own bodily organs lest Corporate Jehovah get all disgusted and decide to kill you at armageddon.

    Any video they make will only convince the brain dead JW but in a court of laws or the general public they are hanging themselves by putting out this garbage out to the public keep them coming please

  • ToesUp

    "we published a landmark Awake! magazine over 30 years ago. IT was the issue of June 22, 1982"

    To bad this very important magazine is not available on the WT online library! ONLY new light from 2000 till 2015 is available.

    I guess old light is okay when it serves them!

  • ScenicViewer

    The two witness rule

    The problem with Watchtower is they stop when there aren't two eye-witnesses. But often there is a second witness in the form of forensic evidence that only professional investigators (police) can find, if they get to it in time.

    Anthony Morris claims Watchtower doesn't discourage going to police, but they don't encourage it either. And in a way they do discourage it, not in writing in a Watchtower magazine, but by the elder's counsel..."You wouldn't want to bring reproach on Jehovah's name, would you?"

    There are ways of discouraging going to the police besides directly saying not to, and a "second witness" is lost as a result.

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