Anthony Morris III goes on an eight minute rant over child abuse

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  • cappytan

    Bumping this to the top because, relevant.

    The spin in the July Broadcast is "enlightening" in light of this week's Royal Commission hearing.

    Key quotes:

    Prior to that time, many governmental, educational, and religious organizations were somewhat naive about the magnitude and the complexity of the situation. Others knew of the problem and covered it up.

  • fastJehu
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Denial/willfull blindness

    Thanks for this video - great talk.

  • steve2
    Jehovah's organization is like a chariot, speeding blithely passed all decency, care and protection of children.
  • campaign of hate
    campaign of hate
    It cant stop for inconveniences like that
  • minimus
    So they ALWAYS have educated people about the dangers of child abuse and sexual predators. LOL
  • Vidiot


    ...if their "education" involves telling victims to STFU or be DFed for slander, or being discouraged from reporting the abuse to the cops for the sake of the Org's reputation, or being required to "forgive" the abuse over and over regardless of how egregious it is, or having to see the offender giving talks and handling the Service group a mere six months after the abuse occurred...

  • Listener

    I just had another look at the OP who kindly provides a transcription of the speech AM III gave in the July Broadcast regarding Child Abuse in light of the Royal Commission.

    He suggests that he is addressing what the organization is doing and has done in the past about child abuse. I didn't see it the first time around but all he is telling JWs is that they addressed the issue to warn parents in their publications and by a TV ad over a decade ago.

    He doesn't explain or address how the organization has dealt with the issue or abusers in the past and how this has helped to protect children. He has provided no proof or defence in demonstrating that their procedures have been appropriate.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    "Also, that new PSA is good in that it encourages young ones how to react if someone does something inappropriate and makes them feel uncomfortable in any way, but it still fails to address the problem of pedophiles in the organization!"

    Oubliette, the problem with the PSA as I see it, is it puts the onus on THE CHILD to protect him/herself.

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