Spanish vs English.

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    John Aquila

    I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this in another post, but I moved to an area where 5 of my closest neighbors are JWs. Another family is Mormons, and another family is Catholic. I not sure what the family on the end of the street is. They never come out during the day. There have their property fenced in with barb wire and they leave the house at night and are back before the sun comes out. They drive this old back utility truck like the one in the movie, "Jeepers Creepers"

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    The Mormon family is always arguing with the JW families and the Catholic family couldn’t give a hoot about either the Mormons or the JWs, but they “All” like me a lot and stop by and talk to me. I’m like Switzerland.

    All the JWs are from the Spanish congregation and each family has about 4 girls and 1 boy, or at least it seems that way. One of the JW Sisters has a little store in her home and sells shoes, 2nd hand clothes, makeup, vitamins, and all kinds of junk. So every day she gets about 20 or 30 JW sisters from the surrounding Spanish congregations who visit the store and there’s all kinds of commotion going on.

    Since they are Spanish, they aren’t able to communicate very well with me except the young sisters. They know I’m an inactive but it doesn’t seem to bother them and they never pester me with encouragement to go back. The young sisters always bring me cookies, and sweet bread and stay for a while telling me about their day and asking for my opinion on certain things in life which would probably make another good post. Hey why not, I’m single. And I don’t have to go out to enjoy the company of young good looking girls. Heck I don’t even have to ask them out. They come to me.

    What’s funny is the Spanish work my street every week to visit the Mormon family and the Catholic family. They never open the door-LOL. When they do catch the Mormons outside, it's an all-out war of wits. (Planet ownership vs paradise earth.)

    Anyway I believe the Spanish had one convention yesterday in Las Cruces N.M. and one of the “Male JW” introduced me to the newest addition to their Kingdom Hall that got baptized.

    A six year old

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