Who really is the faithful and discreet slave?

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  • Maxee

    When we think of the Governing Body in Brooklyn do others like myself automtically think of them as the faithful and discreet slave? Haven't we been taught that they run the organisation known as the Watchtower and Bible Tract Society? Now Its looks like I personally may have been wrong.
    Is it run by a group of legal rofessionals. Here is a couple of links which have brought a question to mind who really is the faithful slaveand does Jehovah use them as his sole channel here on earth?
    [url] http://geocities.com/Elders_Book/flockaddon.htm[/url]
    [url] http://stormloader.com/shaun/wt_lawyers.htm[/url]

  • waiting

    Hey, Maxee,

    Thanks for the clicks - interesting reading. Glad to visit with you in this forum. I see you're from Australia, what's your background?

    You have a lot of information, have you been looking for awhile? Do you have a website?


  • Maxee

    Hi waiting
    unfortunately I don't have a website I sometimes feel I don't really need one with all the info I have found. I believed sincerely that I had found the truth when I first started associating and was baptised with the witnesses. Like many of you guys here I was unaware of a few flaws. Fair enough the majority of brothers will say the faithful and discreet slave have never said they are infallable.
    I have been searching the web for almost a year and a half now and thank God everday for taking away my feelings of isolation and disloyalty to the society. I truly believed I was condemned to death due to dissassociating myself for many years. I started attending meetings again about 2 years ago yet could not cope with the shunning the brothers inflicted upon me. I continued to go to meetings and prayed a lot. My lack of self esteem and faith in the kindness Jesus showed others seemed a stark contrast to what was being preached from the platform.In a way someone was listening to my prayers.
    Thanx waiting to wanting to know about me I am really shy but I Do I hope I can help others who feel weighed down by the heavy burdens sometimes put on us by the society and GB.

  • waiting

    Dear Maxee,

    I used to be shy. No, really, I was! I was having this serious discussion with a car salesman I was working with about shyness and he kept saying, "I can't believe that you were shy." I kept talking about my shyness problem and he kept saying the same thing.

    Finally, in exasperation, I said, "God damn it, I said I was a shy woman and I mean it!" Never could convince him - neither could I convince him I was a good JW. I don't know why.

    Good to meet you!

  • Maxee

    I guess shy is an understatement to describe myself considering I am in sales and have to deal with the public daily. The field ministry really taught me to sell well, if you can sell a religion you can sell anything.

    I hope I haven't been to abrupt with some of my posts please let me know if I have?

  • waiting


    I'm in sales also. I believe that's how I overcame my shyness. I used to be so shy or intimidated, at times, that big red marks would cover my neck. Dead giveaway.

    Finally, I got over it. But when I talk to people, particularily when approaching someone at the KH, I found that most other people were shy, or reserved also.

    A cool quote by Eleanor Roosevelt: "No one can intimidate you but yourself."

    I really do try to remember that one.

  • king james bible believer
    king james bible believer

    here something to think about, Jehovahs witnesses are to avoid books written by christians. they are basically the same as being written by satan himself. the watchtower in broklyn publish the watchtower and JW books. why do all the JW books have references to christian books and authors to back thier teachings I saw in a recent watchtower that someone gave me about maricals and they state a recent study that was doon by a christian organisation. why is the faithful and discreet slave reading and quoting christian books and authors and bible scholars. Why would the Faithfull and dicreet slave use the westcott and hort text to write their bible. (shouldent it come from God himself since he so called established this organisation that started with a bible study in pensalvania ( see reasoning from the scripture) Westcott and Hort were false prophets see matthew 7: 16 what fruit have they produced 1 men dont believe the word of god like they did before thier teachings 2 they cause confusion God is not the author of Confusion 1 cor 14 3 just have a bilbe study with everyone with a different translation (result is confusion)4 they distroyed unity in the church after thier teachings now the church does not agree about any one translation that is the most accurate 5 they have cause men to depart from the faith giving heed to suducing spirits and doctrines of devils (there are many videos of those who have went to Islam or became agnostic because of thier teachings

  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious

    They can quote those books but you won't read them. That way they can quote mine without being caught! If a dub were to bring to light their mis-quoting a commentary or something, they would be I trouble not only for challenging the 'slave' but for reading one of Christendom's wicked bible commentaries full of lies.

    Win win! That's why they quote mine the hell out of science books about evolution too.

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