This just happened within last 15 mins......

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  • coalize
    If Satan is a false name, because he have a meaning, then Jesus is a false name too!
  • leaving_quietly

    This was at the RC, likely, as it same sentence was spoken at the RC I was at today. They said he had other names, like Belial, meaning "Good for nothing".

    I thought to myself: What about Lucifer? Isa 14:12 calls him "O shining one" in the NWT, which means Lucifer, which means "light bearer". Other translations call him "Day Star".

    And so what if we don't know his REAL name? We don't know God's real name, either. All we have is YHWH.

  • blondie

    I think you mean no one seems to know his name before the event in Eden. I do believe even the name Satan was not used until the book of any depth (once in 1 Chronicles)

    Some religions say his name was Lucifer, the WTS does not teach that.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    Lied2nomore...What was your reasoning for using that particular scripture?
  • wallsofjericho

    His title was referred to as reviler, adversary, liar

    neither of those titles would be assigned to a "perfect" angel

    i suppose technically we don't know satans pre-evil name

  • Lied2NoMore

    @pete zahut it struck me that the bible expects humans to love their enemies but almighty Jew-Hovah created an exemption for himself according to the WT.


    plus I wanted to maybe prick the brain of everyone who saw my brother say those words that the bible is not in agreement with what the WT carelessly says.

    They have lots of new cultists-in-training that I would hope would be prompted to ask some tough questions regarding that.

    plus I knew it would bug the sh*t out of my SIL seeing that scripture posted there.

  • Lied2NoMore

    @leaving_quietly, I'm glad you heard the same thing where you were at unless it was at same convention where it was spoken by my brother.

    SE USA?

    I wanted to see if other conventions were ordered to say those same words or if it was just my brother taking liberties with his outline.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon
    Come on folks we know his name, "Serpent of old", or Mr. Crowly.
  • leaving_quietly
    SE USA?

    No, complete opposite side of the country, NW USA. Must be a manuscript talk.

  • skepticSam

    Lied2, why do you think Jehovah is a hypocrite? Nobody had to die in those countries the Jews were going to take possession of? Did the inhabitants of the land have a choice, Si hon and Og came down from their high places and were worried they were going to miss out on economic opportunities, the Jews were told to keep away from their land, still those Nations and Tribes attacked the Jews unprovoked most likely out of fear of losing their economic advantage. Something we see in our time, why did the United States attack Iraq and Kuwait while allowing other countries to become bloody hell holes? Economic advantages, that's why the US spent $$Trillions of dollars on this endless war.

    We have the example of Rehab, Gibbeah and others who humbled themselves, nobody had to die, they had the choice to leave. They choice to fight against Israel even after learning what YHWH did to Egypt? If he has the power to restore life, YHWH has the right to take life too. I posted the fact humans have slaughtered 500,000,000 babies, some count this as high 1,000,000,000 babies mainly girls from Infanticide, how come nobody is willing to talk about this topic? They complain YHWH killed maybe a few hundred thousand in Canaan yet the deaths of 1,000,000,000 babies (mainly baby girls is no big deal, why?) is "Choice", we have the right to decide who dies because it's our right.

    How can you reconcile this fact of 1 Billion Abortions and Millions of deaths by Infanticide by the Chinese and Romans, the human sacrifices in Carthage, why don't those count? Please educate me why little babies don't count, in Asia the most dangerous words are "It's a Baby Girl", why can humans choose but the God of Creation with the ability to restore life can't take life?

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