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  • DesirousOfChange

    As an ex Jw who still very much respects the values of the religion its makes me laugh you people take the time out of your day to sit here and bitch. How about go give 10% of your weekly wages to a church who then say you must give more money! I'm sitting here trying to think when was the last time I heard about a Jw killing someone was! How about if you don't want to follow it DONT!! Just continue to sit on your high horse. For someone who has tasted it all! I'd give anything to have a respectful family, a wife who doesn't cheat and kids that don't steal and grow up to be murders! That's it end of!

    My new member friend, your error is in believing what you read in the WT that JWs have any better statistics on those things than any other religious group of people. Per capita, JWs have the same divorce rate, infidelity is just as common (you would know that if you were an elder and knew about all the private reproofs), at least as high of pedophile predators in their ranks and even in their "clergy" as does the Catholic Church. Similarly, there are ample number of JW raised kids that become liars, thiefs, sluts, and even murderers. Google it.

    JWs just like to think that they are better than everyone else.


  • hoser
    Didn't that one dude on the governing body die like a couple of years ago?
  • coalize
    JWs just like to think that they are better than everyone else

    One of the many reason who made me fade little by little! :)

  • coalize

    Still reading the new WT (10/15/2015).

    I felt from my chair when I read that :

    What is the point ?

    House, wife and work are "Weights"? "Time wasting"?

  • millie210

    I read that article above and I have to wonder - what is their point really?

    The euphoric feeling that Mark and Claire are expressing are experienced by many others who do some kind of social service, a soup kitchen, a mission to Costa Rica, etc.

    The Catholics, the Mormons and now even other mainstream churches are starting missions and sending their young people so they can have a transformational experience helping people.

    None of them have the "truth" and yet they still feel exactly the same way.

    The people reading this magazine are mostly not in a position to drop their families and lives to run "rely on Jah".

    So all I can conclude is this type of article is to be read while sipping your latte and make you feel guilty and then relieve that guilt by showing up for an obligatory 2 hours of service on Saturday...or Hall cleaining....or both.

    And definitely its designed to make you drop more money in the "contribution" box so that Mark and Claire can keep having good feelings that you "helped" with.

    Everybody gets something!

    Mark and Claire stay do gooders with the resultant euphoria that comes with it, Starbucks gets to keep its latte sipping Watchtower reading customers and the Org gets $$$.


  • _Morpheus
    Your even assuming mark and claire are real. They could be andre's parents
  • Oubliette
    Paul certainly practiced what he preached, giving up a promising career in Judaism that could have brought him wealth and fame. - w2015 10/15, p. 22, paragraph 15

    Well that just isn't true!

    Paul may have given up wealth, but he certainly did not give up fame. As a result of his escapades recorded in the Bible, he is one of the most well known characters in all of Western Civilization for the last 2,000 years. He basically invented Christianity.

    Paul was all about the fame.

  • sir82

    And when "Mark" and "Claire" are 70 years old and suffering from arthritis, heart disease, macular degeneration, etc., and can no longer swing a hammer, who exactly will care for them?

    Who will care for them as they age gracelessly through their 70's, and into their 80's, increasingly immobile and of less and less use to the organization?

    When they get cancer and require treatment costing 10's or 100's of thousands of dollars, will the organization happily pay their medical bills?

    I've lost count of the number of JWs who did exactly as "Mark" and "Claire" did. They reach old age, and guess what? No more Kingdom Hall building assignments. Too weak to pioneer. If they are lucky, they might have wealthy relatives who take pity on them and provide them with food & shelter. Or, more likely, they work as Wal-Mart greeters, leaning on their canes as they force a smile and mumble "Welcome" thru their poorly fitting (but inexpensive) dentures.

  • Vidiot

    The 1975Blues - "I don't remember seeing so much Governing Body footage..."

    Making up for lost time, maybe?

  • Vidiot

    Ding - "I wonder how much of their teachings the GB members really believe themselves..."

    Coalize - "Not a single one. They know exactly how these lies come to life! Because they create them!"

    Actually, a compelling argument could be made that they know it's wrong and believe it's true at the same time...

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