Spiritual Food At the Proper Time?

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  • GramFan

    I was talking to a friend of mine who used to work in Bethel NYC, a well respected brother. He was telling me of how material for the book study group was really decided. Especially those really "deep", "meaty" books like " Freedom and Life Everlasting in the Sons of God", "Gods Kingdom of a Thousand Years" etc. Apparently this crap was really hard to sell at the doors ( is it any wonder? ) and excessive ( millions of items ) of unmoved stock almost always wound up taking up valuable shelf space at Brooklyn warehouse. How did those the Faithful & Discreet Slave solve the problem? By deciding that it was spiritual food at the proper time! - that needed to be studied again at the book study. Most of the surplus stock having to be purchased by new ones who had joined the organisation post last time the said publication had been "studied". Truly such loving act could only come forth by those Jehovah has chosen to enlighten his people in these last days. ( which began in 1914 sorry I mean 1958 )

  • Roamingfeline

    Yes, and we good little sheep (baaaaa baaaa) ate it up and paid for them. While our kids sometimes went hungry to feed the Great Shepherd.. (or the big publishing machine that claims to take his place!)

  • Maxee

    I found this site with lots of information regarding spiritual food it also has some useful information about some food the slave would rather us not eat
    [url] http://www.geocities.com/osarsif/index2.htm[/url]

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  • Roamingfeline

    Thanks, Maxee! Oh boy, I love "junk food".

  • waiting

    Thanks, Maxee,

    And now for the group here: HEY GROUP!!

    If you use Maxee's click, you will go to geocities and a long list of discussions, etc. One such discussion, 2/3 way down page, is Alan Fuech.....(German) AF, with our own Friend!

    Very interesting discussion - I think AF did better than some of us, at least me. I've only read it once. Suffice to say, I'll have to read it again.

    Neat place!!!

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  • Roamingfeline

    Thanks! If ANYONE could go head-to-head with Friend it would be the illustrious Alan. He's very knowledgeable and always enjoys a good debate!

  • Mad

    Gives me Spiritual Indegestion!

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