Any one from the UK know about Blood ?

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    AJWRB -

    We received the following request from an AJWRB member in the UK:

    There is going to be a sort of round table interview, "London Live FM 94", this Sunday. To be broadcast in the London area.
    A Mr Unwin, as asked me if I know of anyone here in England, who has suffered loss of a relative over the Blood Issue and who would be willing to talk about it, over a "round table" type discussion. There would be a Watchtower official present at this discusion.

    Do you know of anyone? Would you circulate an Email to the "core" asking for help on this?
    Ray Hemming
    If you know of someone who might be able to participate in this discussion, please contact us asap.
    Best regards,
    Lee Elder

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    compound complex


    For those unfamiliar with Associated Jehovah's Witnesses for Reform on Blood, please check out their website (see original post).



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