Not burdensome?

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  • dsgal

    Jesus really gave it to the pharisees for burdening down the people with heavy loads and he said "my yoke is kindly and my load is light",so I'm wondering,how many ex-jws really felt it wasn't a burden to attend five meetings a week,tend to personal and family study,prepare for meeting parts,sit all day for three days in a row at assemblies,spend your free time in field service and witness to school mates and work mates about it?

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    I've never been a Dub, so I really can't comment...only to say just reading your post, I'm already pooped!...... Even if the JW's were the real 'Truth' it seems rather burdensome. IMHO.

  • Been there
    Been there

    You forgot all the hours sitting in the barbers chair getting hair cuts, all the shaving, running to the dry cleaners for the suits. Shoe polishing. Ironing. All the work that goes into making the kiddies spotless and perfect. Every hair on their greased down perfect parted heads. That adds another 1000 hours a year. I'm pooped too.

    Edited to add...................can we count the hours on our service record?

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  • DJ

    Hi dsgal,

    Great Question! The first time I read Matt 11:28 I was sure that I never knew Jesus as a dub. Those verses had a powerful impact on me. I also saw for the first time that it reaaly was ok to go to Jesus in prayer because how else was I supposed to go him. I mean, I checked and I still didn't have wings to fly to heaven to, I deducted my losses and look a leap of faith and prayed to him. I was scared, thinking Jehovah might squash me or something, but it was cool, he didn't. Later, I came to understand that it is the Father's will that we go to his Son, the creator of heavens and earth. Heb 1:10. I think that was the most powerful verse in the bible for me to leave the WT. dj

  • Prisca

    It WAS a burden trying to live up to all the requirements of being a JW, especially if you were a diligent JW. It was tiring, and I didn't enjoy having to do all the stuff required to keep up to the expectations of being a "good" witness. To be considered a "spiritual" JW you had to live up to man-made rules and regulations, things that went beyond God's Word.

    In fact, it was Jesus' words about his requirements not being a load, nor burdensome, that started to play on my mind when I was realising that what I thought was the "Truth" wasn't all it seemed. Especially when we were studying the Greatest Man book for the 3rd time, and I could see the contrast between Jesus' attitude towards people, and that of the Elders/WTS attitudes towards the congregation members.

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