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  • D8TA

    Well well well

    Hello Everyone

    I'll try to get some pics up....but here's the way things are going down here:

    I guess since so many people in this world, all thru history, have altered religion from the Chrisitan/Old Testament point of view....I guess I shall add my two cents. I eh... came across some "writing in the sand" and it was uh...well...INSPIRED Yep I think it was the Almighty that was dictating me to spread this "word" amongst the peoples of the Earth.

    So, here I go:

    The Book of Tropics Chp. 1

    (1) And the Lord God created Copacabana and smiled, for he was pleased. (2) Then the Lord filled the sands with warmth of the sun, and covered the air with blue skies, and the Lord God smiled. (3) The Lord then saw that the sands of Copacabana were lonely and provided it comfort and company, the Lord God granted Copacabana a partner named Atlantic Ocean...and the ocean was warm and filled with goodness. (4) Then the hand of god stretched out, and cast upon the beach that which was beauty With a pleasing form of many hues of color to their skin, the Lord God Created the BEACH BABES! And it was VERY GOOD!

    Chp. 2

    (1) Then the Lord God created Ipanema Beach, and with the peoples of that beach, he created the thong. The thong was pleasing to D8TA, for D8TA smiled all day. So doesth the sun, and the warm weather, and lack of a SINGLE cloud in the sky, the peace, the serenity make the lips upon D8TA's lips part with a smile. (2) And D8TA looked around and said, " Thank you ...Lord God...for making a warm place with no memory ". (3) And with that, D8TA simply found peace with one final FUCK YOU to the WBTS....for my mind is completely out of your control, and I've finally ESCAPED to a place you can not touch mind, spirit, and body.

    Chp. 3

    (1)And Naeblis heard the words of D8TA and said, " I too, shall partake of Copacabana and walk in Peteroplis and find this ' warm place with no memory ' ". (2) And in the month of October, Naeblis no longer walked in the cold barren lands of the north...and he too, was finally free in mind spirit and body.

    Well....till my next post D8TA

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    YIKES, D8TA!

    Please fix the formatting!

    Best wishes, you rascal.

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  • FiveShadows

    I OBJECT! in the book of Tropics chapter 1 veryse 4 it SPECIFICALLY says "god" instead of "God" ...this is BLASPHMEY! off with his head! ;) J/K ~FS

  • Valis

    Brother D8TA...I think you may be referring to the South Sea Scrolls that have been missing from our lives for so long. Please forward the originals to Brooklyn Bethel so they may be bastardized and infused into the Watchtower and Awake as a warning about having too much fun.


    District Overbeer of the "Copacabana boy" class

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