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  • Tazemanian-devil

    Hold Me, Thrill Me,

    We're not just talking about a few animals dying of natural causes here. How many animals were supposedly sacrificed on a daily basis, for over 2 million people, over a 40 year period? Millions? More?

    Just the daily lamb slaughter by the priest would have amounted to over 40,000 lambs slaughtered.

    This doesn't include sin offering. How often did 2 million + people make individual sin offerings? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Say 500,000 are children. That's 1.5 million people making a sin offering at least once a month. 16 million animals varying from bulls to pigeons killed yearly.

    This doesn't include voluntary offerings.

    Seems like a lot of animals to dispose of in such a dry climate with nothing to show for it.

  • prologos
    Where are all the teeth of theses lives lost in the desert? teeth can last for 10s of thousands of years, and this is only 3+ millennia ago. and, If you are a nomad, you will not be a hoarder, schleppen your discards into the promised land. Ok, they brought the ark of the covenant, the tablets, the stick, the sample of manna, the scrolls.

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