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  • Crystal

    I have noticed that when JW's come to my house, they refer to themselves as "bible students".Now I know they have been calling themselves that for years, but now it's like you have to pry it out of them to tell you they are "Jehovah's Witnesses."

    I also noticed that the article about the tragic car wreck asked you to send your donations to "The Kingdom Hall of Witnesses."

    To help pay for burials of the five children, call Kingdom Hall of Witnesses Minister Larry McQuater at (601) 366-1076 or send donations to Kingdom Hall of Witnesses, Box 9744, Jackson MS 39209.

    Maybe some of you active JW can shed some light on this.Are they telling everyone to stop using the word "Jehovah" out in public due to the bad publicity??

  • ISP

    Good point! They do avoid it on the doors! There again wouldn't you?


  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    I have never noticed that but I will take note the next time I go past a KH.


  • Elsewhere

    I was still in when they started to avoid referring to themselves as JWs at the door. It is a new tactic to keep people from slamming the door in their face. They know that when people here "Jehovah's Witness", they are likely to turn them away.

    To get around this, they avoid the term and just call themselves Bible Students.

    Deceptive if you ask me.

  • RubyTuesday

    When they say they are bible students I want to say "then should'nt you be in bible school?Come back when you have degree as a Bible Teacher"!!

  • AjaxMan

    Bible students, huh??? It seems they are still using same old Theocratic Warfare.

    Come back when you have degree as a Bible Teacher"!!

    Ruby, That's a good one.

  • SYN

    The sign outside my old Kingdom Hall didn't mention the Watchtower, now that I think about it. Wouldn't want the other sheeple to know you're technically a book selling company formerly known as a religion, now would we?

  • dsgal

    When I stopped going in service we didn't identify ourselves at all at the doors.We'd say something like"Good morning,we were just talking to your neighbors about the Bible and we'd like to share a scripture with you".That is how they would do it in demonstrations.Never ID'ed themselves as JWs.

  • FiveShadows

    If any Jehovah's Witness (bible 'student') should come to your house...and identify themselves as bible shoudls ay "I don't want to learn from a STUDENT...come back when you've graduated" and slam the door :-D ~FS

  • Farkel

    If you belonged to a destructive cult with a well-known reputation for stupid beliefs, would you want to identify the name of it?

    I wouldn't and didn't unless I was forced to reveal it.


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