Why God Avoided His 'Own Name'! (part3)

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  • metatron

    So, Jesus avoided saying 'Jehovah'/Yahweh to avoid being killed immediately by Jews
    who obeyed Lev.24:15,16 in the Septuagint. The apostles avoided public speaking of the
    Name because the Romans would execute people who preached foreign deities. Early Christians
    avoided the Tetragram because "Father" conveyed an intimate, loving image of God
    and also because they followed Jesus' example of prefering it over the Tetragram.

    Beyond this, God set an example by avoiding His 'Own Name'!

    In John 12: 27, 28 we read that God actually spoke directly to men in response
    to Jesus: "Father, glorify your name." Therefore a voice came out of heaven: "I both
    glorified it and will glorify it again."

    Did God BOOM out of heaven "I AM YAHWEH/'JEHOVAH'" ?? NO, he avoided the Name himself!

    In this and other contexts, it is useful to consider that God's 'name' may not refer
    to 'Jehovah' at all. Even the Insight book admits that MANY scriptures referring to
    God's 'name' actually are just a Hebrew metaphor for God's reputation or power.
    (See heading 'Jehovah' in the Insight book). At any rate, THE 'NAME' did not thunder out
    of heaven that day - by Divine choice!

    In many Eastern European countries, Jehovah's Witnesses have experienced persecution
    as 'Jehovists'. Could this persecution be eased if they stopped this extreme emphasis
    on the name 'Jehovah' to the detriment of Christ?

    It needs to be asked, are JW's really Christians? A simple definition of a Christian
    might be "someone who recognizes Jesus Christ as Lord".

    How can that be true of Witnesses when they shrink from referring to the "Lord Jesus
    Christ" in common conversation, as ordinary Christians did in the first century?
    If a Witness used this common scriptural phrase in a congregational prayer, would
    they looked at with suspicion by the elders?(Yes!) Would most Witnesses shy away from
    a congregation member who did "everything in the name of the Lord Jesus"? A personal
    Lord and Savior doesn't stop being such just because an organization hates the

    Far from being central to belief, Jesus seems to be a marginal figure in Watchtower
    subculture, someone who "shows up to sign the checks" but little else that isn't
    perfunctory. He is nearly always forgotten in life stories of Witnesses published
    in the Watchtower amidst thanks given to 'Jehovah and his organization'.Check for

    I have written about these points because they are simple and easy to discern
    even in a minimal reading of the Christian Greek scriptures. Currently, the Watchtower
    is based on an understanding of the first century that is utter fiction - that 'Jehovah'
    was habitually spoken or used. In addition, the absence of personal reference to Christ
    amoung Witnesses marks them as an artificial religion, related only marginally
    to first century Christianity.


  • kelsey007

    In the OT the name Jehovah was well used. Indeed, when the NT came along it was all but ommited. The bible is full of contraversy and contradictions. From a biblical standpoint one must agree that Jesus did not seem concerned about using the name Jehovah- unless he did use it and it was just ommited by the writers???

    Quite possible both the Jesus and Jehovah fanatics are wrong- Jesus himself summed it up with one word: "LOVE" It was only his early followers that suggested that Jesus was anything other than what he ever claimed. Jesus himself stated that his true followers would be known by the "love they had" NOT for what doctrine they believed. If the doctrine and use of the names Jesus and Jehovah are soo important and the use of the "bible" is soooo important what about all the millions of NON-christians around the world- hindus, buhdist and muslim? Do you follow the JW creed that they will perish due to thier ignorance in not knowing Jehovah or in you position Jesus?

  • ISP

    The WTS needs 'Jehovah' because it gives them some product differentiation.


  • The Alchemist
    The Alchemist

    Thanks Metatron for these 3 posts. They are definately going into hard copy for me. I have your posts booked marked. Dave

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