The Spiritual Depths of Depravity

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    I started to realize the depth of the present GB's spiritual depravity after reading the following essay contributed to H2O . I could even feel muscle twitches in my body because the post presents a seemingly impossible dilemma to the Christian trained conscience of one who is baptized and accepts many of the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses. At one point I was even thinking whether reformation is possible. Of course, I know better! Jesus Christ has promised that even mountains can move at the command of those with rock solid faith! H2O received an email from someone who read this post thanking the site for not removing it due to its shocking bluntness.

    This post was a reply to the thought provoking post about early church and current Christian reformation written by Zechariah. It demonstrates the growing awareness of an escalating crisis. Now that the proverbial sh!t has hit the fan thanks to Silentlambs ( ), awareness of this widespread problem is all over the place.

    Normally I would direct you to the link alone. However, for the benefit of those whom for personal reasons will not go there, I'll follow the link with the post by "Contributor." Read it carefully. Pay attention to the subtle nuances. Share it with others who doubt the seriousness of the present crisis in the organization.


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    Date Posted: 08/30/2002 09:39:41 AM

    Reply to : zechariah

    Martin Luther offered the first historicist interpretation of Bible prophecy. He boldly announced his divine inspiration that the Pope of Rome is both the Antichrist and the " man of sin " . Babylon the Great was understood to be the Roman Empire.Rome was the 10 headed beast of Revelation with an emerging little horn that is recognized to be the papacy. The bold exposure of the papacy by the early church reformers gained them the label of Protestants and heretics.This is by my own understanding the significant fulfillment of the prophecy. As it occurs with almost every historical event there are minor reinactments either before or after the significant one. This is what I believe has happened in regard to the Watchtower Society Compere the indictments of Martin Luther against the Papacy with that of ex-JWs against the Watchtower Society. The errors of the Papacy was

    Nice commentary on the parallels between the early Christian reformers physically martyred by their own church, and present day reformers martyred through psychological torments.

    Not only are they torn away from their loved ones for refusing to agree with governing body teachings!

    They are also treated with less dignity than civilized people have treated the corpses of those who recently died.

    Civilized people rarely leave a corpse out in the open to rot. What kind of barbaric people would spiritually kill a living soul and leave them to spiritually rot out in the open?

    These forums are considered by the governing body as large open graves filled with the spiritual "corpses" of those whose souls they declared dead in kangaroo sessions (aka judicial committee hearings). Their intent was to furtively execute these souls in secrecy in the rear of a Kingdom Hall library filled with musty old Watchtower publications, shelves brimming with outdated "truths" that Jehovah supposedly "inspired" the Watchtower to write years ago.

    Yes the new light has revealed new truths, outdating old truths. Just the same, the judicial committee still reaches for the old Watchtower Indexes as if they supersede the Bible. They rely on advice from old publications years ago superseded by new light, to execute the precious soul of the hapless victim sitting before them. That victim looks like a lame deer sitting on a road in the headlamps of a fast truck. The elders are at the wheel of the truck and run over the lame deer, free from the pain of the tender consciences the Watchtower's old light deadened many years ago.

    Even the most barbaric court systems on Earth like those in Afghanastan do not throw the executed corpses into the street to decay publicly. The Taliban definitely could learn a thing or two from attending a judicial committee hearing. They would learn that to treat human life with the utmost disrespect, you kill the soul and not the body. Even the United Nations and Amnesty International will not take notice, for the body walks out of the Kingdom Hall library gallows intact, minus any hope for the future.

    That dead soul is added to what the governing body views as a decaying heap of "ex-JW" spiritual corpses on various forums. They are doomed to a living death. The young ones will suffer inparticular because they have 30, 40 or more years of physical life devoid of any spiritual hope for living forever with Jehovah God and their loved ones in paradise. Unlike the early church that physically martyred victims whom they once called "brother" and "sister," the Watchtower Society spiritually martyrs its victims. At least those in the early church were released in death, ending their pain in peaceful soul sleep up to the final resurrection.

    The Watchtower Society is not content to let those whom they decide to punish off the hook in such a manner. Some say they would physically execute people in the congregations for disfellowship offenses if it were legal. Why? They have devised a fate even worse than death, a living death of psychological, emotional and even the physical torment that comes from the deep depths of depression and hopelessness.

    This spiritual death includes all the elements of true torture as Amnesty International would define such human cruelties. Sensory deprivation for starters, as the victim is socially separated from his or her loved ones, extended family of the congregation, even their own children and grandchildren. Such sensory deprivation has often driven the disfellowshipee to insanity and thoughts of self-destruction. Many victims believe they are worthless and eventually seek out anything that gives them the facsimile of human feeling, often leading especially young impressionable men and women into pornography and prostitution, to be bought and sold and treated as slabs of human flesh for commercial consumption. Their sickening fall into the deepest pit of darkness is a consequence of their spiritual murders. Like flesh eating zombies in B-rated horror flicks these demoralized individuals simply exist to feed hunger.

    Over-dramatization some moan as they struggled to get through that last paragraph? Not really. During various wars, troops were captured and placed into isolation. They were treated like human refuse and demoralized beyond belief. At least they would call upon God and look forward to an eternity of comfort with Christ.

    Can you sit down, close your eyes and imaging feeling there is no hope for you, that you are good as dead? That your life meant nothing, and all your years of caring for your family and children are viewed as worthless? That your children now view you as dead forever, and don't even mourn your passing from existence? Imagine if a group of men presiding over an organization got into your mind and soul to where they convinced you that you were a worthless piece of human garbage that God views as lower than the mold in a toilet bowl? Chilling? But it could never happen to you, right?

    Guess again. Suppose you are unfortunate enough, as a very chilling illustration of reality under the present governing body's reign, to walk into a Kingdom Hall library late one night to research a talk. There, an elder is forcing a young boy, whom he was supposed to be counselling to stop him from masturbating in the privacy of his bedroom in his parents home, into oral copulation or worse. You stand there in shock and horror for a few moments as the elder zips up his pants. You then turn and run from the Kingdom Hall into the parking lot, fumble with your cell phone, and dial 911.

    The elder must have warned the boy, because the boy insists to police that nothing happened. The police take the boy into protective custody and evidence from a medical examination shows traces of bodily fluids. These are later matched to the elder in a DNA test. Are you the boy's white knight who rescued him from this sexual assault by a pedophile masquerading as an elder? Yes, you're a hero by the standards of everyone except the governing body whose legal team is now preparing to defend that elder.

    Worse, you are brought before a judicial committee in that same Kingdom Hall library where the assault occurred and summarily disfellowshipped on the charge of causing divisions in the congregation. (Congregation members read your heroic account of saving the boy in the local newspaper and "divisions" occurred when some started to openly express doubts about the Society's defending the elder.) Even the young boy is interrogated for hours and forced to tell the judicial committee all the explicit details of his attack that the committee later claims never occurred. The boy is disfellowshipped for bearing false witness against a brother.

    Suddenly, you and the child victim you tried to save are amongst the walking "dead" and cutoff from any contact with family, friends and the congregation. Even though you are called a hero by the press and courts, you are deemed as unworthy of everlasting life by the governing body. You have in the truest essence been martyred like those who were martyred by churches down through the ages since the life and times of Christ.

    You see? You worship in a glass house made of fragile crystal. You might think twice before entering the Kingdom Hall library after hours to research a talk in the Ministry School because if you are unfortunate enough to stumble onto a crime scene like the one just described, you could be the next to enter the Society's spiritual death-row. Suppose the work place and your home life were this fragile? Suppose you feared witnessing a crime at an automatic teller machine, or a woman being raped in a park, not because you couldn't bear the thought of them suffering. Rather it was because you worried the State would twist your noble acts around and execute you? Your very religion has become such a dreaded place! Unfortunately, it's because of a few men who have apostasized from the faith, men not dissimilar to the Bishops and other church leaders whose perishoners dreadfully feared them, due to their perceived divine powers and very real legal powers to kill both the body and soul in the middle-ages.

    Forget the body. Now they can kill the soul, and that's just fine by them.

    Only a real grass roots effort to remove the wicked man from amongst ourselves will stop this tragic repeat of church history.


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    Turn to prostitution etc. - a "cry" for help.

    These are those who "cry" to the Lord - both by "day" (knowing better) and by "night".


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    : Now that the proverbial sh!t has hit the fan thanks to Silentlambs

    Didn't I get a post or two deleted for using that colorful metaphor?


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