School Parking Woes. JW Solution?

by Kenneson 3 Replies latest social current

  • Kenneson

    Seymour High School is having parking problems. According to the New Haven Register (Connecticut) the "Town wants to rent church parking lot." The question is will JWs comply.

  • minimus

    OH my. What leverage the Witnesses will have. Can you think of a list of demands that they will give the town???

  • Tish

    Well if it is anything like my old hall, they used to stick nasty labels with glue that doesn't come off all over the cars, apparently you could add an extra hour a month for helping with the LOL


  • Scully

    I bet they will let people pay them to park on their property. Think of all the revenue they could make charging say $40-50/month (not unreasonable where I live) or a daily fee of $10/day. You could employ a whole bunch of pioneers for minimum wage. You donate the remainder of the proceeds to the WTS or the Kingdom Hall renovation fund in order to retain your tax-exempt status. They could even extend the "donation arrangement" to this enterprise. Free parking permits in exchange for "donations". A donation of $40 gives you unlimited parking for a month. A donation of $200 gives you unlimited parking for the entire school year.

    If Public TV stations can do it, so can the KH.

    Love, Scully

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