I overheard some JW's in Vegas

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  • Mulan

    I returned last Sunday from Las Vegas, where I had been attending a convention for one of my suppliers. It was a network marketing convention, so the people there were from all over the world. One day I was walking back (about a mile) from the convention area at the hotel, to the elevators, when I heard a group say "Well, we are all witnesses." I wondered, "hmmm, I wonder what kind of witnesses...........to a crime, and accident, or are they JW's?"

    I turned around to see who they were, and I recognized two of the people as being from Beverly Hills (they both spoke one day at the convention). Everyone in the group was black. I kept walking. They kept talking and one said, "We are related to the Jacksons. Michael is my (didn't quite get it, but maybe cousin or something)". Then she said "You know the oldest girl, Rebbie, is a singer too, and she is also a witness." Aha.............they ARE that kind of witnesses. The wife of the married couple I recognized, said "You know, I just don't want to talk about that right now." So I guess that couple weren't witnesses. Whew!

    I thought about telling them I used to be one, but decided not to get into it. I was there to have learn about the products and have some fun, not try to wreak havoc on anyone.

  • Tanalyst

    GoodGirl !

    Do they have bus service along the strip? Going out there soon.

  • dungbeetle

    Yes, there is bus service every 15 minutes/half hour, all around the clock. 301 and 302, one of them is an express bus and only stops every few miles (it's great for long distances).

    Rekless lives there, among many others, shoot him an email before you go. The Las Vegas ex-jw crowd is fabulous.

  • HappyHeathen


    My daughter (who doesn't speak to me anymore due to my DF'd state) attended the same KH as Rebi some years back (I believe it was in Thousand Oaks, CA). From what she said, the members were somewhat in awe of Rebi and her celebrity status. Interesting to me that the press portrays Rebi as a nutcase, very emotionally disturbed. It has always amused me how celebrities can get away with "worldly" dress and behavior that would land the average member in the committee room so fast their head would spin. LOL.


  • sunshineToo

    When I was studying, I asked about the Jacksons as well. The elder's daughter who studied with me and whoever was there with her, rolled their eyes and said, "Well, we don't consider them as witnesses."

  • Mulan

    There is also a monorail that takes you everywhere on the strip, except to the Rio. It's on the other side of the Freeway.

    I never went outside the hotel. Too busy of a schedule. But I still had fun. The MGM Grand is a gorgeous hotel. Most of my meals were provided at receptions and at the convention, but I did eat at the McDonald's right there in the hotel a couple of times. I was surprised to see the same prices as at home.

  • Sentinel

    Hello Mulan,

    I've never been to Vegas. In fact, the farthest West I've gone is West Virginia!

    I love to just listen to people. Like if I'm just somewhere waiting, which seems to be a big part of life anyway. I like to hear what people are thinking and talking about.

    Wow, I bet that word "witness" really did peek your curiousty. lol Speaking of the Jackson family. I have oftened wondered what life at home was really like for them. The two younger daughters really seem messed up, as I'm thinking of Latoya and Janet. Such a shame. And look at Michael. Now that is really sad. One really does have to wonder how much the JW experience screwed them up.

    Gosh, you are fortunate to be able to travel to such interesting places.



  • freedom96

    Rebi does tend to stay out of the limelight, she really doesn't have much in the way of a career like the others, though she did come out with a couple of records. She seems to be the one with her act together more than the others. LaToya, is completely bizarre. The mom still tries to cling onto her role as the witness mom. I think the indoctination into the witnesses was primarily the younger children, though Rebi of course hung onto it. The older brothers never were involved other than going to meetings once in a great while. Michael of course, being so young and attached to his mother, was more active.

  • Makena1

    Mulan - it's a small world isn't it?

    Rebi's album with the song Centipede (written by brother Michael) was produced by Wayne Henderson (formerly of the Jazz Crusaders) an elder in the West LA area. Her husband gave a couple of public talks at our hall too.

    Had not thought of them in a long time.


    Mak & Sabine

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