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  • happy2b

    Boy! Did you ever get advice!!!! hehehehe!!! I hope you heed everyone's advice. It's all given in love. And we've been there. You might be thinking right now, that you can 'change' him. But, if he's a strong beliver, then you will never change him. I hope you've read all the replies and please take them to heart. What everyone has written is absolutely the truth. Hang in there! At 20, you have a long life ahead of you to find that 'right' man. Don't let your feelings get in the way of good judgement.


  • sunshineToo

    Hi, happy2b! I see that you are a newbie. Welcome to the Discussion Board of!

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    I agree with happy. All of us who have offered you any advice Sarah its only because we don't want one more person to go through the hell that almost all of us have. Nobody is telling you anything to be mean or rude and we are attempting to look after your best interests.

    Take it from a group of us who have been there. We just don't want anyone else to have to do it all over again.

  • RedhorseWoman

    happy2b, nice to see you here.

  • sarah951

    Thanks everyone for all your help and encouragement... Thanks JC also for sharing your story.... THanks guys...


  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    Hi Sarah,

    If it means I've helped stopped another person from being hurt by the JW's then I consider it an honor. You are more than welcome and if you ever want to talk or anything you've got my email address.

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