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  • SPAZnik

    first there was Kathy & Monster
    at least i'm pretty sure they were the first.
    i wuz three.
    and so were we.

    we'd race
    to the washroom
    and monster would alwayz win
    but i'd tell him off
    and make him let Kathy go first.

    oh the memories. then there was this "huge"
    teddy bear

    i don't recall where i got him
    i just remember he was such a good listener
    i could alwayz tell him anything at all
    and he would never overreact.

    sometimes when i didn't even have the words
    he would just read my mind for me
    and cuddle me to sleep.

    i could even cry. he wouldn't tell.
    my secretz were safe with him.

    he disappeared one day
    i asked where he went?
    the "answer" from my very unimagined mother:
    "i had to give him away because i paid for him
    but your daddy lied about that...he gave the teddy to you and took all the credit for it".

    *me rolling my eyes and satisfied imagining that somewhere out there,
    teddy woulda rolled his eyes too.*

    i encountered invisible characters galore
    in various mystery adventure novels
    for a time
    until after being accused/insulted/condemned
    one too many times for having my
    "head in the clouds"
    and then having my cherished book collection
    thrown out because some of them came from a relative
    believed to have "demonic" connections.

    so i ventured beyond the "clouds"...
    and well into the "heavens"

    my next invisible friend
    was a God.

    we were friendz for oh about 25 years i guess.

    he too was a good listener.
    this in & of itself was an answer to my earliest
    "prayers" for peace of mind
    ya know, back when i wuz 4 or 5.

    i've never regretted knowing him
    instead of santa.

    he "helped" me thru a lot of stuff
    and i wuz very grateful.

    this was one "invisible friend"
    i would have died for.

    we finally went our separate wayz
    about a year ago. but imaginary friendships
    continue to flourish for me.

    thanks in no small way to jw.com
    not unlike an episode of
    "the polka-dot-door"...

    (wuz that the show?)

    u know, where they look thru the mirror and say...

    i see Naeblis and cowboy and sixy and ona and prisca and d8ta and teejay and mac...
    i see scully and butal and xanex and puffsrule and simon and yeru and plh and comf...
    i see farkel and logical and hygh and ballistic and larc...
    and i see YOU!


    this place is imaginary friend paradise!!

    except maybe for the infighting...
    but itz mostly all tolerable.

    some would think me slightly nutz
    to enjoy these virtual palz so much

    these imaginary friendz though invisible
    have been an understanding hearing ear
    they have let me laff and cry with them
    they have made me truly hold them dear.

    u r all luvable
    i hope u know that.
    i appreciate every last one of you
    and your contributions here and in chat.

    this means YOU!

    you have been a safe place
    for me to express my thoughts + feelings + fears + triumphs.

    your simultaneous
    has made a fantastic sounding board
    and excellent practise for me
    in learning a whole new culture
    helping me in a very real way

    itz great just knowing yer "out there"

    thanks eh.


  • Monster
    first there was Kathy & Monsterat least i'm pretty sure they were the first.
    i wuz three.
    and so were we.

    we'd race
    to the washroom
    and monster would alwayz win
    but i'd tell him off
    and make him let Kathy go first.

    oh the memories.

    LOL...Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!........I loved it..thanks for the laugh.

  • talley

    Niki, I really appreciated your ode. As I was an only child and quite shy, I had imaginary friends too. Today God is still my friend and too are many on this board (though they do not know it). I feel closer to some of them that my 'actual' friends and family (except for hubby, of course) because so many on this board have been more open and honest with thier thoughts and feelings.

    One thing I have discovered in life is that given a chance, the 'natural child' in all of us is there to continue to see and learn all the wonders life has to offer.

    If you have not done so yet, consider taking the time to read Ray Franz's "In Search of Christian Freedom". It will take a 'load off of your shoulders', a burden you may not be aware of -as it did for me- and confirm that God is still your friend, imaginary or real.

    Thanks for the time and talent you took in posting the ode....brought back many warm and comforting memories to me....a nice gift for me to discover this morning.

    Your 'warm and fuzzy imaginary friend', talley/Judy

  • Cowboy

    ((((((((((Spaz)))))))))) Imagination is a wonderful thing...


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