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  • La Capra
    La Capra

    Tomorrow all the kids come back to school. The first day of school is something I always enjoy to its fullest, meeting all my new charges, wondering about all the things they will accomplish this coming year.

    A few days ago I received what is called a "student snapshot" about one of my new students, an incoming freshman. As I was reading about how he is AD/HD (attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder), I noticed under his parents' names a name I recognize as a JW who knew my family when I was very young (like 9 or 10). He was a sort of my brothers' manager. He lived several towns away (near where I currently live and work). I met him only a few times. I am sure if this kid's dad is the same man, he will remember us (me), as our family name is very unusual.

    If he is the same man, I wonder if he is going to pull the boy out of my class because I am disassociated. That would be detrimental to the child (since when would that factor into the decision making process for JWs?), because I am the only one in my school district that teaches this particular honors class. In my professional life, no one knows my religious history. This situation could change that for me, which could mean that many other JW students I have will possibly try to get another teacher. I don't think that will happen, but if it does, it could get interesting over here.

    I'm still excited though, tomorrow's the first day of school!


  • onacruse

    Interesting challenge for you, but perhaps an even more challenging decision for those JW parents....will they put the educational welfare of their children ahead of their narrow-minded religious perspectives? My son had ADHD, and it was a real challenge for his teachers. They all cared about him very much, and we were glad to have their help. Considering that your professional standards constrain you from insinuating religious ideology into the cirriculum, I find it hard to imagine how any concerned and loving parent would jeapordize their child's development by trying to exclude your help.

    otoh, we're talking about JWs...what makes no sense to us can, and often does, make perfect sense to them!

    Happy teaching!!!


  • Marilyn

    Dear Shoshana, I really enjoyed your post. Surely it's in all of us to want the best education
    for our kids. Don't even jws have a secret yearning for this? I'm wondering if the Witness guy will
    keep a low profile and hope for the best. That's what I'd do in his situation. But then I left the troof
    when my kids were little coz I didn't want to screw up their lives with religion.

    My husband is an educator. He's an exjw too. One of the comments that drove him nuts when
    he still attended was that "teachers aren't interested in teaching anymore". He was indignant coz
    he was the only slack ass teacher amongst his colleagues - and that was because of his divided
    loyalties. The rest of the teachers were wonderful. Now he devotes himself to education. Guess
    they'd find fault with that too.

    Have a great year!

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