They're Baaaaaaack

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  • BadJerry

    Just got off the phone w/ the elder that was supposed to meet me in the parking lot. All I felt was pity for this poor man who couldn't come out and say what he was really feeling. Instead, just excuses...

    1. Meeting in the parking lot - they just wanted to meet there for MY convienence. Told him next time we can meet in my office. The chairs probably are more comfortable. His response was he wanted to "visit" with both of us, at the hall or at our home or anywhere else we might want to meet. (I'm thinking a nice restaurant or a beach in the Bahamas, and have them pick up the bill??????)

    2a. No contact for two weeks - the letter Jackie sent, letting them know I waited and her feelings about the parking lot meeting seems to have fallen behind his desk...thus the lateness of the call.

    2b. The PO had to go to Colorado to attend to family matters (lever transplant for brother). We have 9 elders, you'd think they could have someone fill in for him.

    I'm not even sure I want to meet with them. The verbal battle might be fun, but up to now its just, the only word I can think of now, pathetic. The letters say how we feel. And they've already told the people at the hall not to talk w/ my boss is known for saying, "I don't think we have a dog in this fight." Any input would be appreciated.

    Can't wait to hear what the wife says,

    Still the,

  • SYN

    That's all it'll be, a battle, and nobody'll win.

    You know what I mean.

  • Jesika

    I would tell them there is nothing more to be said that wasn't already in the letter. You are already being shunned so why bother with their formalities. Just my opinion. And I agree with SYN, nobody wins--just take the control back.



  • blondie

    BadJerry, evidently you haven't said enough in your letter for them to automatically consider it a DA letter. They might want verbal confirmation from you and your wife. Be careful if you don't want that outcome.

    I still can't get over the parking's right up there with the hotel room.

  • Mary

    I would tape record any further conversations with any of the elders, cause you never know what bull is gonna come out of their mouths.......

    If you do decide to talk to this guy again, just ask him point blank if he thinks its "Christ like" to tell everyone else at the KH not to talk to you.......would JESUS ever do that? No? But He sure blasted the Pharisees for acting like that.

    Depending on how much you want to fight this, I'd write down a bunch of scriptures and quote it to THEM, instead of letting THEM quote their crap to you. And I would further pass them a bible and say, please show me from THE BIBLE, where it says it's okay to shun someone for not thinking like you........

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