The Roles of Ex Witness Websites???

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  • Celtic

    Different websites we all know cover different functions. This one here for example provides a very general basis for communication upon the issues but lacks somewhat in specifics, this of course is due to a great many variables plus of course the sheer number of posters here. Yes, it does achieve upon what it sets out to do, I just still get a feeling that we might somehow be doing better between ourselves.

    If anyone was to put together another website, what specific function would your design be particularly useful for? What might be the defining factor of your site, to which audience would you be aiming at, and with what motive and intended possible outcomes? For example, might you like to cover specificly the emotional and other abuse issues, or perhaps you might consider it useful to design a site where absolutely no emotional issues are covered personally, instead, focussing upon media coverage and manipulation to more professionally get our combined stories out there. You might like to design an online resource where the practical facilitation of workshops takes place, a place where others might share more safely within a structure, or perhaps a site where we provide practical hands on approach training in the use's of digital media and digital equipment plus interview techniques towards the availability of our own underground media arm.

    Do you have any ideas that might take us away from the tumultuous bickering that sometimes carries on here? Tell me what you think.

    Celtic Mark - Cornwall UK and both places that I work at to assist the positive leveraging of a fairer society.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Well Mark as many here know I have several websites. Some are informative - just providing information. Others are discussion forums. I have three different discussion forums regarding abuse in the org. Each is focussed on a different aspect of abuse - child abuse, spousal abuse and PTSD and Dissociative disorders that have resulted due to the abuse.. In the past I have done an on-line conference for abuse survivors - not related to the JWs but it was very successful.

    There are many sites that do specific things and some like here that do many things. Both have there place and usefulness.

  • teenyuck

    This question is like asking what role WEBmd has in the medical community. Every doctor and legitimate medical website tells you that the website cannot diagnose a medical problem. You might get more information to take with you to the doctor, however, you still need to see the doctor. The website cannot write me a script for what I might need.

    I really liked what I found here. There was talk about sports, sex, abuse, faith, god, food, boobies, dating, news and so many more catagories. There was cursing, there were naked pics. I came here by accident. I lurked for a while and decided to come on board. I liked it. It was like being with my friends. People on the board spoke about things-and like-normal non-dub people.

    I looked at the links. I researched the data. I read old mags and books people posted. I finally purchased CoC and read it. Reading the book and all the data that was posted by Jan/Alan/Randy/Quotes/WT Info/Silentlambs has been really helpful.

    I did not come here for "support." I looked, saw that the people posting really did seem to be ex-dubs and jumped in. It was great to read people's histories. It has been wonderful to see that I am not alone. There are many like me: Ex-JW and normal (for the most part ).

    I came here to mingle with people who had a similar upbringing or experiences. This is so unique that only those in it or a similar group can understand. It has been fun trading stories and experiences with people who really understand.

    I am under the impression that most of us are not trained counselors. Since I am not a trained counselor, I would not put up a DB or webpage that gave advice on how to overcome the dubs. I would put links to legitimate sites that deal with as many specific issues that I could think of--like LadyLee did. Hopefully, these links would get read by the people who lurked and hopefully they would find information to help them.

    I don't think a DB can or should give you all the support and encouragement you need. You need human interaction. Go see a legitimate counselor. Or try to hook up with ex-dubs in your area. Use the DB or website to guide you on how to find someone.

    When I have posted a personal issue or story, I have gotten some great advice. I appreciate the feedback from people who have been there, done that. It helps. That is the point. I am getting opinions and weighing my options. Just like WEBMd. Do I go to the doctor or not?

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