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  • wolfgang

    i studied with the watchtower for about 5 years. i always had in my mind that maybe this was really god. I havent been in contact with them and from what all ive seen im pretty sure lol that their not it. hmmm try islam? dont think so. not from what i have seen about em. is god or whatever the hell that means there? im not stupid but im getting the feeling he s a hard dude to find

  • jwbot

    You shouldnt bash other religions just because you see certain EXTRME members on the news and CNN tells you they are bad (like islam for example).
    I have many friends in all religions and isn't a wonderful thing that we can accept those differences and move past them, and like eachother for who we are, not what we beleive?
    In any event, you should have a full understanding of the religion before you even come close to a judgement. For the Islamic religion, I suggest you read up on it a little more. Keek in mind, there is also a difference between Islam and Muslim. The extrenists in the news are only a SMALL fraction of the religion, the general idea of the religion only represents a small fraction of the religion, and only acurately reflects the POLITICAL feelings of leaders and citizens of certain countries (Saudi Arabia, for example). For those who have read the Koran properly, and understand it, they allow their daugters to go to college, they have 1 wife, they do not beleive in killing those from other religions.
    Open up your mind to other possibilities and you will see what I am talking about and maybe you won't be so bitter.
    You also don't have to submit to a religion. You can be a very spiritual person and not conform to ANY religion...why are you so eager to find religion? Just beleive what you feel is rihgt and be accepting of those that feel differently.

  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    I finally gave up on the idea that I needed any religion...someone's else interpetation of what god, if any such thing exists, meant for me. Personally I find too many hypocrites in religion for my liking. I'm not prejudice either...I dislike them equally. Bottome line; if you don't believe as they teach, no matter the god involved, you're deserving of death. HUMBUG!

    People are capable without religion...


  • SYN

    Sorry Wolf, God hasn't been seen for, oh, about 4000 years...better luck next time...

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