Just for fun?

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  • Been there
    Been there

    Inspired by Stephanus's mysterious Ruth and how the story is unfolding..........It would be kinda fun to start a story and have everyone contribute to it to see what we can come up with.

    There are so many talanted writers on this board.

    Anyone care to start? I'm not good at starting a story, but will have no problem in jumping in.

    Any ideas for a story line?

  • Tish

    Here goes......

    Young Sis X sat there in the small room with no windows, there was no longer any air in the room. Opposite her sat 3 men, all with suits on, all looked like peadophiles with their macs hanging up on the coat hooks. One of the men opened his mouth to speak and all Sis X could smell was his decaying breath. "Now Sis X what exactly did you do on the night in question????".....

  • BadJerry

    "My Step-dad made me do it...", she exclaimed, clutching her not so unreal lamb. Suddenly she woke up from the nightmare! Was it really over? Or was this just the beginning of the story?

    Hey Simon,

    Why not a special catagory for this? We did this once at work. It was great and helped lot's of us relieve hostile tendencies. Of, course, several of the people who were active in it lost their jobs during the last round of "downsizing", but Simon wouldn't do that , would he????????????????????


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