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  • The_Bad_Seed

    Why is it that some people 'rate' threads? I see them once in awhile, but really don't understand why it is that they do it. Whats the deal?

  • SYN

    It makes us feel all warm & fluffy inside, just like Anna Nicole Smith.

  • FiveShadows
  • dubla

    it was originally intended as a sort of guage for which threads were popular and which threads werent, but the idea pretty much flopped.


  • Simon

    I think people do it when they see something they particularly think is good. It is a way of indicating to other people that something is 'special' and deserves their attention. (well, that's what I think anyway)

  • jack2

    Though I generally don't rate them, I am somewhat inclined to check out a thread that is well-rated. So in that sense, it does have some influence.

  • Simon

    In case you were wondering about the bar itself ...

    The ide is that it tells you the rating (how long it is) and roughly how many people have rated it (how wide it is). This gives you a quick indication of whether it's just one person who has rated it or many.

    The 'rated' link at the top left lists the top 50 pages of rated topics in weghted order of popularity (this takes into account how many people have rated a thread) so a thread with an average of 4.5 rated by 20 people may come about a thread with a rating of 5 rated by 3 people.

  • The_Bad_Seed

    *is enlightened*



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