New Kingdom Hall for Palmyra, Virginia

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  • Ray
  • Crystal

    Isn't that just heart warming that they don't smoke or curse.They fail to mention that they harbour child molesters!! [email protected] EMAIL:
    All employees can be reached via email by using the first initial of the staff member's first name, followed by his or her last name and For example, the address for Executive Editor Bill Millsaps is [email protected]

  • Ray


    I agree with you about child molesters. My daugter is one of it. My wife was a witness for about five years. She left last year went it happed to my child. We file with the police and had arrest the elder. Last June, he was found guilty and Judge will set the jail term this October. No, he is not on bail, still in jail.

    Now why the witness have happy face? Because the WTBS required to keep the lip in upper case. This elder had it all this time in court. He findly drop the lip went Jury told the Court he was found guilty. Will let you all know in October about Elder jail term.

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