How do you feel about exJW's who resist our efforts to effect change?

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  • steve2
    I agree Scenicviewer. Some who leave do so more out of apathy than out of any rationale regarding the organization's rightness or otherwise. Unlike the sentiments expressed in the OP, I accept some people are simply not studious or interested in thinking through matters of doctrine or policy. I've yet to meet any who fit the stereotype referred to in the OP.
  • nicolaou
    I don't think you understood my OP at all Steve.
  • Vidiot
    Maybe some are faders who feel that activists' efforts are making their fade more difficult.
  • oppostate

    Nicolau, get over it. We are all different and there's a lot to be said for being one's own person.

    Don't whine about those who would rather leave current publishers alone. Maybe they're at one extreme.

    The other extreme may be folks like Rick Fearon, who is all On-your-face-Watchtower-! and maybe that works for him, and maybe that doesn't work for everybody.

    I was done a long time ago with "why doesn't so-and-so do this-or-that" and I suggest you simply learn to get over it. It isn't something that needs to affect your life.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I think one of the best ways to get back at the Watchtower is to just go live your own life.

    Or: The greatest revenge is living a happy and successful life!

    I think the ex-JWs that feel that they were personally harmed are more outspoken &/or more pro-active (at least to the extent that their circumstances allow them to do so).

    When I first started to become aware of TTATT, I considered the leaders a bunch of bumbling old delusional fools who despite their sincerity, had (somewhat innocently) damaged many of the lives that were affected by their doctrines/teachings. After reading Steve Hassan's "Combatting Cult Mind Control" I realized that there is an evil, wicked, malicious platform behind everything the Organization does. They are the "poster child" for a cult. Their methods perfectly follow every step of a mild-control cult as outlined in the book and they are masters at it.

    The shocking realization of this has moved me from apathy to angry.


  • nicolaou
    We are all different and there's a lot to be said for being one's own person.
    Don't whine about those who would rather leave current publishers alone.

    I agree with you 100% oppostate. Like steve2, I think you've missed the point of my topic. The vast majority of JWs who escape the cult simply want to draw a line under the past and get on with their lives. All power to them! I respect their choice and sometimes wish I was of the same disposition.

    I would never criticise an exJW for not being an 'activist' in some way (don't really like that word much), but by the same token - and this IS the point of my topic - why should these exJWs be resistant to my choices?

    I don't want the next generation of JW children to have their lives blighted in the same way we all have. If you don't want to help me that's okay, it really is, just don't make a fuss about what I'm doing.

  • LisaRose

    I think some people who leave are still under cult mind control to a certain extent and feel uncomfortable with criticising the Watchtower. I was that way at first, I was happy to be out but I thought the Watchtower was just misguided. It took eight years before I ventured on line and found JWN and realized how much I had been manipulated by the Watchtower.

  • _Morpheus

    Perhaps consider that much dissent expressed between exjw's isnt that people shouldnt be helped to see TTATT but rather the means and methods. I frequently argue against radical (offensive) methods like crashing the memorial as being counter productive. Methods like asking thought provoking questions, having web sites like this and jwfacts are awesome, imo.

    I also understand that not all will leave or even want to leave the cult. It IS their choice. Its reality. That dosent mean im counter productive to the exjw cause.

  • nicolaou
    Thank you LisaRose, an answer that makes sense. You too Morpheus.
  • oppostate
    If you don't want to help me that's okay, it really is, just don't make a fuss about what I'm doing

    Exactly. I do see your point better now.

    To whine and tell someone else not to try to help out is as useless as admonishing them they need to do so.

    The reasonable thing would be to discuss the "why", the motivation behind what one does. And so to come to understand one another better.

    I, like you, also feel that it's good to spend time helping others out from the cult, as perhaps we were helped ourselves out of bondage to the WT. Too, I don't see anything wrong in just leaving the WT behind and moving on with one's life.

    If I misunderstood your OP, I apologize. Your point of view, in not wanting to be told to stop trying to help others out of the WT, is something I would support. You have a right to do as you wish, especially so if your objective is to pay it forward and help others to find their freedom.

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