To a Dear Friend in Riverside called Cliff K.

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  • FrankRaven

    Greetings Cliff......It's been over 26 years since we lived next door to you on Hall.I'm just wondering how your doing now days?Still a WatchTower Follower?(Witness)Today I'm an Ordained Minister and I follow after Christ.Never really liked the idea of following a man made Org.

    Remember when we last talked?About 1987 or 1988?You moved,I believe, over to Cyn Crest area?Remember when you told me how many people left because they were disfellowshipped or walked away from Jehovah?Well they really left the Watchtower and not Jehovah God.How do I know?Simple,Watchtower lies to all of their members in order to control them.

    Just one more thought.......Luke 24:39,tells us that Christ came back not as a spirit,but as HE left to die.It's called resurrection.If Christ came back in any other form He would have been reincarnation.

    Check it out........With Christ.....

  • mouthy

    I do hope Cliff read it.Frank.

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