Early UT2003 demo! (Gamers only....)

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  • mindfield

    Wow... I was stunned when I saw this. If you're a Unreal Tournament fan, you'll love UT2003! Early demo!



    *ducks punch*

  • Dizzy Cat
    Dizzy Cat

    Yeah - its cool innit !

    I've had the leaked beta for a few weeks. Very nice indeed !

  • Xander

    Oh, you suck ass so badly....and I was on the speaker doing tech support with a client, too.

    Goddamn, man, teach me to come here during the work day....

  • Xander

    (In my defense - the demo IS supposed to be out any day now - Epic has implied it will be out before the game is - and that's due out next month or so).

    To be honest, I'm not really that interested in UT2K3. It's kinda...I dunno...pointless. Deus Ex II (same engine), sure, but I dunno bout this - I never really got into UT, either.

    What I'd REALLY like to see (and I'd pay booku-bucks for) is a MMORPG with no levelling and combat as compelling as, say, UT and mercantile elements as compelling as, say, hmmmm...can't think of any good examples....a really good trade system! No levelling you say? What will keep gamers paying each month?

    Well, I envision new adventures/modules released bi-monthly. COMPLETELY new stuff - like, say, how sequential chapters or levels are in single player games. A thriving player economy - lots of different classes. And no worry for n00bs starting out or infrequent players being hopelessly outmatched by die-hard RPGs who level-level-level-level-level 24/7 (or it damn near seems!), since the only skill you have to worry about is your own abilities - IE. YOU get better by practicing something, not your in-game persona. (This means that 'building' things to sell to other players - like making bows and arrows and such, or armor, etc - would actually have to be modelled as something that is challenging to actually do IRL, so players who do it a lot actually get better at it)

  • mindfield

    Xander, that's an interesting idea, but I prefer the pointless slaughter of bots in a storyless context.

    But seriously, it is too complicated for me.

  • gsx1138

    My friend is a beta tester for AC2 and he says it is pretty awesome. As far as FPS, quake and UT kind of bore me regardless of how pretty they are. I need some kind of story going or team coop.

  • ignored_one

    UT is cool. I play online with a group of friends.

    Stil, I prefer Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 and I can't wait for v.4. Although of course us PC gamers will prolly have to wait till next March.

    Ignored One.

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