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  • jelly

    Hello everyone,

    I was hoping someone could help me out. I will be taking the A+ exam within the next four weeks and I wanted to know if anybody else here has taken it. Was it hard. The new stuff is not much of a problem for me but I suck at DOS info. Does anyone know any good brain dumps or web sites that could help me prepare?


  • blondie

    Sorry, I can't help. But may things go well and someone else is in the know.

  • SYN

    DOS Info? What do you mean by that?

    I've read through the A+ course materials, and it all seemed pretty straightforward to me. They do make you memorize all sorts of obscure, ancient memory addresses, obsolete acronyms, and various other stupid things which really don't pertain to IBM/AT compatibles today...but then, that's life, and this is IT, and things move very quickly.

    Try a Google search maybe...

  • Crystal
  • Valis

    yo jelly...that's cool you'll be taking the exams. If you go to www.findlearnmeasure.com I think that's right...you can get a discount on both exams. I can also ftp the two test engines to my webspace and I'll give you the URL...later on today when I have some time. Please send me an email and remind me. They simulate the test environment and have some of the newest questions that are asked on both exams.

    There are come core DOS commands that you need to know, but DOS is just a small facet in getting the bigger picture.


    District Overbeer

  • Valis

    OK..here are the two test engines that I promised. They're each about 8 megabytes so be prepared.....very easy to use though and good for preparing for the tests.




    District Overbeer

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