Early jws more deserving?

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  • dsgal

    Here's something I don't get...I was reading in a jw publication(I think it was "Proclaimers of God's Kingdom"that the early witnesses only had to go in,sit down and listen to a talk.They never even had to raise their hands or utter a word.Didn't go door-to door either,and yet most if not all of them claimed to be of the "anointed class".Nowadays if you don't comment at every meeting,spend most of your free time in field service and give talks yourself on the TMS(which they didn't even have in those days) you are made to feel like your'e not even worthy to live on the earth,let alone Heaven.So what's up with that?What did they do to make God love them more?

  • LovesDubs

    Hold your family hostage is what. "You do what we say, no matter how assinine it is...or we take your family. GOT THAT??"

  • Thirdson


    Watchtower salvation is presented as "first come, first served." If you were lucky enough to be born in the period ending the nineteenth century or the early twentieth, became a follower of the Watchtower Society, you got to go to heaven. After 1935 the door got closed and the requirements for salvation got stricter.

    Tough luck! Its our own fault for being born at the wrong time. For some of of us, its our own fault for being born in the wrong religion.


  • mustang

    Naah, make that worship...

    Rutherford changed all of that, from a Religion to MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) for souls. BTW, $$$ on the side was just a fringe benefit.


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  • jgnat

    The WTS got themselves in a bind. The early witnesses gave themselves for the "prize" of being of the chosen 144,000. Once the society's numbers passed that mark, they had a problem. How to get these new converts to give themselves wholly for the Kingdom, when they cannot benefit from all those lovely Heavenly promises? Along comes the doctrine of the "other sheep" and a paradise earth.

    This doctrine is contrary to how Jesus describes how God's provision will be measured out. Those who labour only a short time are treated the same who labour their entire lives. See Matthew 20.

    Take what is yours, and go away; it is my pleasure to give to this last, even as to you. Have I not the right to do as seems good to me in my house? or is your eye evil, because I am good? Matthew 20:14-15 (BBE)

    As soon as the Anointed are all dead and gone, keep an eye out for some "new light" from the WTS.

  • dsgal

    Thanks to every one for your replies.


    Your reply makes a lot of sense.Actually,I have been expecting some "new light" about the anointed.I don't know if they'll ever all be dead and gone though,since the memorial partakers have not decreased since the mid-1980's.Strange.

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