Blame it on the chingus

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  • siegswife

    One of Englishman's posts struck a chord with me today. It touched on a subject that I've been thinking alot about since the most recent flame wars. Posting on people's threads.

    I don't post alot. It's usually for the reason that Englishman spoke of...there's nothing to add.

    So many of you express yourselves with such clarity and understanding that it would be redundant to add anything but "Right On!". I've been thinking that maybe I should have been at least adding that.

    When I first started posting here, I think I bordered on being a WT apologist. I came in here, with the idea that they were wrong, but not beyond redemption (probably similar to youknow and yardirf, but not quite). After reading for a couple of HOURS I realized that I was right all along to leave them. The UN thing was the proverbial straw for me.

    You guys and gals may not be the most wholesome association LOL but you are the best!

    So many of you Farkel, AllenF., heekaw, Englishman, Hillary Step, unclebruce, Simon(of course), Saint Satan, billygoat, the sis's tracy and , Mulan, Venice, MrMoe, Dave(seven...), COMF, Amazing, Tina, JanH, even Kent...All of you have helped me so much. Your experience has validated mine. Your willingness to open up has given me more space...I don't mean to disregard anyone by not mentioning them by name...I'm telling you the truth when I say everyone here has helped me in some way. I guess I'm just trying to say thanks, and I'm sorry if I don't let you know more often.


    PS YouKnow and've come this far, you may as well walk that extra mile :0) You too Fred!

    Ick...don't think this means I'll be posting more often

  • Dino

    Hey girl, I post less than you do!

    But I always enjoy your posts.


  • siegswife

    Thanks dino.

    I think that we all have a story to tell but not everyone will believe it. It makes me sad to see the 'pack mentality' (good call RHW) that tends to overtake people. There's song that has the line that goes: "I think it's about forgiveness...forgiveness..even if, even if you don't love me anymore."

    I think that's what it's about.


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