Can anyone beat this?

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  • LoneWolf

    While I usually have no trouble about getting in people's faces should they need it, I try to refrain from calling them names and/or recounting their wrongdoing, especially in a public manner.

    However, the worm is turning. I watched with great interest the Society's handling of the UN and pedophile situations, and have had a belly full. They are the worst pack of ignorant stumblebums that has ever come down the pike. Any spastic chimpanzee could do a better job.

    The bottom line is that I've decided to become a little more vocal. They've been playing hardball with us and it's time we do the same with them.

    I noticed Nancee Park's thread recounting some of the things that have been going on in the congregations. I know quite a few of these things myself, some from first hand experience. One of the more atrocious ones is happening right now in Palmer, Alaska. Some of my family are quite close to the situation.

    There was an elder there for many years that was so autocratic and bullying that everyone was made miserable. He was finally removed about ten years ago. Since that time three of his sons and an uncle in the family have been caught redhanded and charged with pedophilia, usually incest. The uncle and two of the sons were convicted and jailed, and the third son will have his trial shortly. I might add that his conviction is a mere formality, as he was stupid enough to keep pictures of his activities on his computer.

    Can anyone beat this?


  • SixofNine

    Give me a plane ticket to Alaska, and a large iron pipe, and I'll certainly try.

  • orangefatcat

    And JWs have the audacity to condemn other religious leaders. Who really are the sickos?

    I had a uncle who molested his own children and he was a elder in the Kingdom Hall at the time. I often wonder what ever happen to my cousins and wish I could find them some day. But so far I haven't found them. But my uncle went to prision and as far as I am concerned they let him out to soon. As he damaged his kids for life, so as far as I am concerned he should be put away for life, thats what i think of reprobates like him and any one else like that. Lock them up and let them rot. And then that isn't enough. Don't mind me, I have smoke coming out of my nose and ears!!


  • sf

    Well hello there Tom. How are you all theses days? Please give my regards. It is such a sight for sore eyes seeing you post.{{{{{hug}}}}}}

    As for nancee park's MASTERPIECE, it has been sent to politicians, lawmakers, law enforcement, other clergy, FOXNEWS (each gets an individual mail re: 'matters'; coupled with hyperlinks), Oprah and various other 'outlets'.

    The nations 'SHALL KNOW' alright, and we are definetly 'making sure of all things' to accomplish that Goal.

    Well wishes for you sir.

    Sincerely, sKally

  • LoneWolf

    jjriso --- They apparently feel that it is. The whole matter makes my blood boil.

    SixofNine --- Perhaps I'm a little too inclined towards "direct action" myself for some people's tastes, but this is one of the bigger reasons that I don't agree with society's conventional wisdom concerning violence. There most definitely is a proper place for it.

    orangefatcat --- Agreed. Your story reminds me of another situation I knew of in Alaska. A "brother" raped his daughter repeatedly. It was found out and he was convicted and sent to prison. About six months later my boss, a JW painting contractor, came to me and asked me to do him a favor. It seems that his biggest client had a rental that he wanted painted on the inside. The renters were a bunch of prostitutes.

    One of those prostitutes was that daughter. While there, I had the opportunity to speak with her at some length. I have never in my life, before or since, seen anyone so utterly devastated. She was like a hollow shell with the desire to do good, but devoid of all strength and hope.

    What does one do in such a situation? I wanted desperately to help in some way, but any foundation to build that help on, was also gone. Therefore I did the only thing I could. I listened and accepted her without prejudice or judgement and tried to demonstrate by my actions and attitude that she was appreciated and had worth. She still haunts me, and that was 25 years ago.

    Believe me, anyone who thinks that I found titallation in that job is a fool. I found it heartbreaking. I wanted to kill that man.

    sKally --- Thank you and very warm wishes in return. We are doing well and things are fairly on track. The family is healthy and sassy. As to my "project", right now it is a waiting game to see what comes back. More later.

    I agree. Turn the screws on them.


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