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    I received the following email to my Quotes address, which was apparently prompted by a page at my website (

    I am ot sure I understand. it was stated that the Bible has all kinds of mastakes in it because it was wrote by humion hands. Then I feel i am wasting my time studing it with your people because they tell me the Bible is wright and how would I know what it right in it or wrong so I will stop my studt tommrow when they come. Thank you for you time in this matter
    Another person thinks that I am The Society -- they are studying with "my people". At least he/she read enough to get a good dose of cognitive dissonance. Not wanting to appear rude, I sent a reply. And not wanting to take a chance that the people he/she is studying with can talk their way out of the "errors in the bible" quote, I gave him/her a few other things to think about:
    Thanks for taking the time to write to us. The subject of your message was "question" but you did not include a question in your message. However, you did mention the statement that was published by the Watchtower Society regarding "errors in the bible". This is not the only unusual, interesting, or significant thing published by the Watchtower Society over the years. Some of these things were later renounced, some where not. Further attention to our website will reveal such gems as: Please be sure ask about these things to the Sisters that are studying with you. But before you do, you should be aware that, according to the Watchtower's definition, a lie is only a lie if the person being lied to has a " right to truthful information ". So if they feel that you don't have a right to truthful information, they can lie to you without guilt. If we can be of further help, please let us know! Yours very truly, [email protected]

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    Yes, you may count that as a "return visit".

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    I wasn't able to pull up some of the highlighted categories.

    Was interested in Blacks are inferior to whites

    I remember my Dad, the elder, giving talks in the early to mid 70's how Noah cursed one of his grandsons because his son Ham made fun of his drunkeness and nakedness. This situation occured after the flood had taken place. Forgive me if I don't have all the information correct. It was Canaan to take the brunt of Noah's curse and Canaan was the forefather of the whites whereas Put or Cush who ended up migrating to Africa were not cursed. Hence the blacks were not cursed after all.

    Anyone remember this? Wish I could have pulled up that site Quotes to see what the Society had to say about it. My dad's talk was probably "new light". So with that Society based public talk in mind my parents never had a problem when I started to see someone who came from North Carolina. In fact it was a silly kind of predjudice that went the other way. My dad was quite proud to think that he might have a son -in -law whose ancestors were most likely slaves in America's history.


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    rosalyn, I have repaired the links in my post (above). Sorry for the problems.

    Also, you can access the information simply by clicking the category "Racial Attitudes" from the topics listing which can be found on any page at

    The Race page can be accessed directly at and I embed it here for your reference:

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