Will the Watchtower ever cease to exist?

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  • hadenough

    Just curious to hear others thoughts on this matter. First of all, until a few years ago, no one knew what we now know about the organization. We couldn't talk to anyone about doubts, or anything that would go against the organization, even to someone close, "in the know". Now, we have the internet. Not only is the internet changing the way we live our lives, and will continue to do so, but more and more access to knowledge is coming available. We know that there must be many active witnesses reading these posts, whether for entertainment or thirst for knowledge. Plus all of those already communicating on here. Since even active witnesses can read, post, communicate on this and other sites, WITHOUT ever getting caught, what is to keep this information board from even getting larger, and helping others? So I guess what I am asking, is there anyone out there that thinks that the internet, or anything else for that matter, will ever bring down the Watchtower? Will it ever end? If it were not to end completely, does anyone see a HUGE downsizing in the numbers and power? As we know, they are talking in the magazines, from stage, etc about not reading this information on the net. Then again, would that not encourage some to actually go look? I would love input on this subject. Could it all actually just end? If so, how long? Could the internet start the end of the religion? Of course there will be those with blinders on, ........ but what about all the rest? There is no way that we could all know and have access to the information that we have here. What a blessing to be able to communicate with others, and know that nothing is going to happen to us. For me personally, I have faded away. Did not get df'd, and I do not feel like I need to go to them and disassociate myself. For me personally, I feel like that is going by their rules. Why should I have to tell everyone officially that I think it is a crock? So I can have othes shun me? Nah. As it is, I have very few people that are friends that are still involved. They know that I don't go to the meetings, and have not for quite some time. But of course, it just is not talked about. Rarely do I see them, but I cling on to hope that they will see the light soon. Two in my thoughts in paricular, are quite avid computer and internet users..... they just need a wondering mouse....... Any thoughts?

  • Bgurltryal

    All I know is I see alot of people around my age (23) leaving from many varying religions. I think the internet and it's unlimited resources probably do have an extreme hand in this. It's very encouraging. I think, in a way, the web promotes one to come to ones own conclusions for the sheer fact that it's a solo endevor. It's the lazymans best friend too. It's all right there, there's no looking up books or need to get dressed even. Plus it's much easier to find a collective group of people who are dealing with, or have dealt with your situation, with much information to provide themselvs. All with the ability to be anonymous, if one feels inclined. Weather JWs will become exstinct, one can only hope that those that are now seeing sense will pass the sense on...but then there's still all those stupid people to deal with...

  • heathen

    I think that the watchtower will continue regardless of the internet .These are people that believe what they are doing is what god wants them to do and for the most part cannot exist without being a member .If we look look at christianity as a whole it's a wonder anyone would pick that religion at all.

  • DJ

    Hi Hadenough,

    I think that the internet will play a key role in less recruitment. I know that if I had internet access when I was being taught by them, it would have been a life-saver. It would have made my exit much sooner and incredibly easier.

    As far as current jw's, I think that the majority will most likely heed the warnings out of fear. I knew an elder once who began to shiver when I asked him to read a pamphlet that was written by a former member. He would not even touch it and he backed away from me in dread. Lately, my mother has been making 'internet comments' Perhaps the younger members will disobey the WT and taste the forbidden fruit. I hope so. There is always hope, right? dj

  • apostate

    If I knew some of the things I learned on this board before I got baptised I would have never become one of Jehovah's Witnesses. Thanks to the Internet I am out.

    I hope someday, somebody will start a spamming campaign to reveal the dishonesty of the Watchtower. The spamming tools are out there freely downloadable from the Internet.

    Now, that would make a big mess for the Watchtower. Most JWs know that a church must be absolutely honest and loving to be approved by God. If they would see what is going on in secret they would leave.

    I feel people need to know the true face of this abusive organization before they can decide if they want to join or not. Most people wouldn't.

    Wide publicity is the most demaging thing to the Watchtower.

  • professor

    Considering the KKK is still around, I don't think the Watchtower will be gone anytime soon. Amazing how bigotry just doesn't go away.

  • ozziepost

    G'day hadenough,

    Firstly, welcome aboard. I guess you're not the well respected poster by the name of Had Enough?

    I wonder if it was wise muscling in on her moniker? Wouldn't it be better to comprise a different and more individual name?

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • Simon

    I guess I should tighten that little loophole (by disregarding the spaces).

    With so many registered names it is hard to know if one has been used and if the system allows it then it's my fault. I'm sure it's not an attempt to mimic someone.

    In answer to the question ... no, I don't think they will cease entirely unless forced to by monetary cnocerns (as happened to another religion after lawsuits). Whatever the beliefs there will always be someone who will believe them, however outlandish.

    They may cease to be in there current form though because of pressure.


    NO IT WILL NOT--probably will diminish in size and subscribers and membership.. MY OPINION !!!! :)

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