Field UnService Report, August

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  • Bendrr

    The following material is Classified Compartmentalized. Delete before reading!

    From: Col. J.R. "Bendrr" Brown, Bowenite Unorganized Militia 82nd Netborne, Secretary of Public Unfashion, Minister of Mullets, Bowenite UnGoverning Body.

    To: Bowenite Ungoverning Body.

    CC: Members of

    Re: Field UnService Report for 21 August, 2002.

    Hours: 3

    Book Placements: 1

    Summary: Approximately 3 hour discussion with male subject, "M", age 25, regarding his attempt to be "reinstated" into the ranks of the enemy. Intelligence gathered revealed that "M" does not intend to cease many if not all activities forbidden by the enemy, yet does intend to seek to regain a position in good standing within the enemy through their process of "reinstatement". In "M"'s own words: "I'm *this* close [to being reinstated]". "M" also stated that he does not intend to cease associations forbidden by the enemy and did not qualify continuation of said associations to be "discrete" or in any way clandestine. "M" was provided with a copy of "Crisis of Conscience", the URL for Silentlambs website, as well as verbal data regarding the blood doctrine and flip-flops thereof, dates such as 1874, 1914, 1925, and 1975 (though time did not allow elaboration on the full list), the flip-flop on alternative military service, the UN affiliation, the current pedophilia issue and Silentlambs scandal with promised delivery of a videotape of the Dateline program, the "1914 generation" issue, and the general issue of rules that "go beyond what is written". "M" was responsive to the information provided and did not argue or use any known tactics of the enemy in such a conversation.

    Further Actions: No further contact is anticipated for approximately two weeks to one month, at which time discussions of resuming affiliation with the enemy will resume. At issue will also be the fact that "M"'s parents are still staunch dubs and "M" wishes to please them with "reinstatement". Any and all support from others is requested in this matter. Discretion is a must at this point in the operation, as "M" is still in a very vulnerable position emotionally and must be dealt with carefully. However my early projection is very optimistic as "M" shows a very strong intellect and a very strong resistance to any sort of mass mind control.


    p.s. Silentlambs, please contact me. I have a name I'd like to pass on to you.

    p.s.s. I wrote the post this way for a reason

    Oh and by the way. All you Bethel spies reading this: One down and all his friends are right behind him so as always KISS MY APOSTATE ASS!!!

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  • Prisca

    Recommended Subject for next Return Visit:

    Talk to "M" about how to establish a life outside the JW world. Keep contact with all non-JW friends, social and employment network, and any non-JWs that may prove helpful in journey away from former JW life. Find employment that will enable "M" to be able to support himself if he has to move out of home. Tell "M" not to worry about doubts or worries regarding "have I done the right thing" because he has plenty of support from strangers around the world (and it's not the so-called "worldwide brotherhood").

  • guanash

    Dear Bendrr:

    I've no idea of what reasons you may have for posting this, but it couldn't describe my own situation in a more accurate way: young, disfelloshipped, trying to go back in order to please my parents, and finally being liberated by sb. (who has never been a witness, but because he loves me, did an open minded,extensive research) who made me read Crisis of concience, and confronted me with evidence of the topics you've just mentioned.


  • Bendrr

    Guanash, you sound just like someone I know really well. Your "sb" did the right thing.

    Think for yourself, don't let ANYONE tell you what to think, believe, or feel. Only you can decide that for yourself.

    Jesus said that wherever there are two or three gathered in his name, that is where he is. No mention of a big building there.


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