Lurkers! Don't Shred Documents! Use'Em!

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  • metatron

    Hey all you lurkers!

    Any day now, you may be asked to shred or burn confidential documents for the Society.
    It might be congregation records, correspondence, written testimony, etc.

    Don't do it. Instead, USE THEM FOR YOUR OWN ADVANTAGE! Think ahead a bit, brothers!

    Someday, you - or a relative of yours, like your kid , may get into trouble with the other
    elders. Maybe somebody smoked or needs a divorce or other guys just don't like you.

    Wouldn't it be great to have a "Get Out Of Jail Free Card" in the Monopoly game of life?

    Keep copies of everything that might be important, if you must destroy originals.
    Do this ahead of time since they may require TWO brothers to destroy evidence, together.

    Here's another tip: Always name the Society and its personell in any documents especially
    disfellowshipping records. WHY? Because, that way, they CAN'T ABANDON YOU TO SAVE THEMSELVES
    IF A CONTROVERSY COMES UP - "they told us to do that" moves the guilt away from you
    towards them.

    The Society would dump you like yesterday's trash, if it could save their butts.

    So, remember
    it never hurts to have a little extra 'advantage' when troubles arise , just in case
    the unexpected comes up.


  • Simon

    The WTS are the next Enron / Worldcom / Arthur Anderson (was it them?)

  • Farkel

    : The WTS are the next Enron / Worldcom / Arthur Anderson (was it them?)

    Yep, it was. Arthur Anderson used to be one of the "Big 6" meaning they were one of the six largest accounting firms in the world. They just lost their license to practice accountancy in California. They've already lost their license in Texas.


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